The 7 Most Popular Destination Wedding Trends of 2023

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Planning an amazing destination wedding could wind up being a stressful
endeavor. There are literally thousands of options you’ll have to consider when putting
all the pieces together. From creating a memorable guest list, and deciding on the perfect resort, to figuring out your ceremony theme & decor, the journey to the destination aisle promises to be a special one!

I’ve researched 7 destination wedding trends taking place in 2023 to give you some fresh inspiration & ideas, even if your wedding isn’t until 2024 or beyond. Take note of these destination wedding trends because one of them might be the perfect fit for you.


Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023

Before the pandemic, it was customary for a couple to reserve their wedding resort venue and room block around 12 months out, but as the world has opened up again, many couples are finding resort and venue space filled up for the dates they originally want. In 2023 and beyond, expect higher demand and lower inventory, which also drive up prices. Couples are now looking at approximately 15 months in advance in order to secure the room inventory and pricing that they would like.

BOTTOM LINE: The sooner you can discover the destination, wedding venue, & resort
you want for your destination wedding, and reserve your date, the better!

2. Toes NOT in The Sand

Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023
Image: Sandals Resorts

In 2023, brides are looking to get married in an Instagram-worthy location, with a
breathtaking backdrop, but they DON’T want their feet in the sand. Many destination
wedding venues now are putting in beautiful above-the-sand platforms, sky weddings,
garden gazebos, and over-the-water gazebos which are growing in popularity.

3. Exclusive Private Experiences:

Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023
Image: Beaches Resorts

In 2023, couples are looking to do private, exclusive experiences with their wedding
groups, such as private receptions to welcome their guests complete with a mixologist
who creates a special cocktail for just your group. Couples are also scheduling their own
private events such as fire shows, beach parties, tequila or rum tasting, and even a
private tour or excursion for just your wedding group.

4. Over The Water Ceremonies!

Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023
Image: Sandals Resorts

As I previously mentioned, more and more wedding couples don’t want their feet in the
sand, but they still want the breathtaking backdrop. One way to achieve this is to have
an over-the-water ceremony. Many resorts now contain wedding venues that are built
over the water. This not only gives the normal amazing view but also adds a
3-dimensional beauty to the ceremony.

5. Focus on Incorporating Cultural Traditions:

Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023

Many couples will be incorporating both local and cultural traditions into their destination wedding experience for both them and their guests! Today’s couples want to do more than just have a “wed-cation.” They want to give their entire wedding group an authentic experience with the location they have chosen for their destination wedding!

6. Including Local Cuisine & Cocktails:

Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023

Along with my previous trend of including cultural traditions in their wedding, many couples also include local cuisine and even cocktails in their wedding events. For example, in Mexico, there is a special liquor called Mezcal. Couples will hire a mixologist to use a liquor like that in creating a cocktail native to the location they are getting married in. In addition to a cocktail, they may also include some type of authentic delicacy on their menu.

7. Consulting with a Destination Wedding Expert

Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023

In 2023, couples are choosing to consult with a destination wedding specialist to help them make sure they are getting everything they want and the maximum value out of their destination wedding. One of the reasons being that wedding couples are busier than ever as they work, finish school, start their family, and possibly move to a new home, all while trying to find some time for each other. Today’s couples believe that it is well worth the investment to spend a little extra to get their destination wedding planned right as well as take the stress & frustration of planning their destination wedding off of their plate!

As you plan your own destination wedding, you might want to consider some of these
trends. It’s not just about having a unique, memorable day for you and your guests. It’s
also about looking for some extra inspiration as you continue to plan your destination
wedding so that your wedding will be everything you dream it will be.

So… What will these destination wedding trends mean for you?

Well, I hope they will help you to plan the Destination Wedding of your dreams today.
These 7 trends are only going to gain more popularity, as couples continue to push the
envelope for a more unique experience for both themselves and their guests. And hopefully, it will at least give you a few ideas that you didn’t even know you wanted!

If you are in the midst of planning your destination wedding and feel like you’re stuck
and not getting very far, I encourage you to use this link, to schedule a free 30-minute
strategy session with me! I would be honored to help your figure out everything
you need for an amazing & magical destination wedding!

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Top 7 Destination Wedding Trends for 2023

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