Planning Fees

Professional travel advisors like myself helped millions of travelers around the world at the start of the pandemic. 

We helped get travelers home, and we waited for days at a time on hold for each of our clients to cancel and change their upcoming travel with airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators. 

We were so pleased that our clients had us to advocate for them and we look forward to rebooking them to travel again when they are ready. 

We are excited for the world to reopen to you, and look forward to a busy 2023 planning travels for 2023 and 2024 for you. 

Our new Travel Planning Fee will ensure that you receive that incredible level of pre-departure and in-destination support from our team, just like those travelers who were affected by the pandemic. You can dream of and plan your next vacation with us full of confidence. 

We are currently booking travelers on vacations that offer flexibility which means that they can push out their departure date with ease should changes arise. 

Click below to learn about our new Travel Planning Fee and start thinking about your next vacation. We’re here to turn it from a thought to a boarding pass!