Ten Fun Facts About Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando Resort

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(Photo: Universal Orlando Resort Blog)

The past 10 years have been an exciting decade withBlue Man Group at Universal Orlando Resort. The partnership and creative collaboration between these two teams has brought incredible experiences to life for their guests. Blue Man Group’s nightly show in Universal CityWalk draws you into their world of unique music, art and humor and leaves you wanting more. Here are 10 things that you may not know about Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando Resort.

1. Experiencing Universal – Blue Man Style

Blue Man Group has gone beyond the theater at CityWalk and across our destination throughout the years. From hanging out on top of the globe, to riding Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, and most recently, checking out Universal Orlando’s on-site hotels.

2. You Can Meet a Blue Man!

As part of the Blue Man Group VIP experience, you can come face-to-face (watch out for the paint) with a Blue Man and get a photo with them backstage!

3. Keepin’ It Fresh

One of the great things about Blue Man Group is that, thanks to the guest interactions, every show is different. Over the years, the show has constantly evolved to keep the content fresh.

(Photo: Universal Orlando Resort Blog)

4. Autism Speaks

Blue Man Group has given back to the community throughout the years, including their work with Autism Speaks. Every year, they perform sensory-friendly shows for individuals and families affected by autism. The next autism-friendly performance here in Orlando is on Dec. 9. Get more info here.

5. They Have Their Own Ice Cream

The 10-year milestone has even found its way to the Cold Stone Creamery in CityWalk with a special Blue Man Group ice cream. Swing by after the show and grab a cup of this sweet treat, Blue Man Scoop, consisting of cotton candy ice cream, white chocolate chips, yellow cake and marshmallows (of course).

(Photo: Universal Orlando Resort Blog)

6. Shake Your Booty – 65 Different Ways

Over 65 different words are used for “butt” in the show finale. Educational and fun all wrapped in one. Some of my favorites: “Bubble Pop”, “Sonic Boom”, and “Your Carry-On Luggage”.

(Photo: Universal Orlando Resort Blog)

7. Maintaining That “Just-Stepped-Out-Of-A-Painting” Look

The Blue Men wear a specially-colored grease paint on their heads, which never dries. This allows them to keep a wet and gooey appearance throughout the show. They use 60 cakes of makeup each week, totaling over 3,100 cakes each year!

8. Speaking of Paint…

One of Blue Man Group’s specialties is the art they create with paint during their show. They use over 12 gallons of tempera paint each week, totaling 624 gallons each year. Fun tip: You can purchase a paint-splattered drumhead that’s been used in the show.

(Photo: Universal Orlando Resort Blog)

9. Marshmallows, Cereal and Chocolate, oh my!

The Blue Men definitely have a sweet tooth. They use around 300 marshmallows per week, or over 16,000 each year; over 20 boxes of cereal each week, totaling over 1,000 boxes each year; and they eat 30 pieces of white chocolate per week, 1,560 throughout the year.

(Photo: Universal Orlando Resort Blog)

10. That’s One Big Drum

When you think of Blue Man Group, the first thing that comes to mind is probably music.

Resident Musical Director Dave Traver has been with Blue Man Group for 18 years and part of the Universal Orlando show since it opened. “The creative spirit that surrounds the show still hasn’t escaped me and continues to inspire me,” Traver said. “After all these years, the music still resonates with me and I love playing off the energy of our diverse audience here at Universal Orlando.”

To create this epic music, 47 instruments are used in the show, 26 of which are drums. The Big Drum in the show is 60” in diameter, and the mallets that are used are custom built in-house.

(Photo: Universal Orlando Resort Blog)

Cheers to 10 years of cereal and marshmallows, late arrivals, paint splatters, and rockin’ music! Ten years’ worth of Universal Orlando visitors know what Blue Man Group is really about.

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