Universal Orlando’s Youth Programs Teach Students About Exciting Careers

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Universal Orlando Resort offers more than just the thrill of leisure entertainment. We offer a broad range of adrenaline pumping, educational programs that make a trip to the zoo look like a trip to the sandbox.

In today’s educational landscape, educators compete with the latest technology for their students’ attention spans. Why compete when you can show them that their everyday passions can be transformed into career paths? Universal Orlando’s Youth Programs focus on career readiness and preparing kids for the future in a way that genuinely excites them.

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Today’s Dreamer, Tomorrow’s Problem Solvers

Your Classroom in Motion: A Steam App Series allows groups to access different educational apps on tablets, guiding them through hands on learning experiences throughout the parks. From Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Science to Jurassic Paleobotany there is a STEAM driven program for all age levels and subject matter.

After a program like this, the next time students sit down for another physics assignment they may start daydreaming about how each problem gets them one step closer to designing roller coasters.

Practicing Prodigies to Movie Maestros

Sound Design: Music and the Art of Foley Workshop breaks down multiple aspects of what it takes to bring film to life. Students record an original underscore to popular films like Despicable Me or The Lorax. They create sound effects, record voice overs, and perform musical compositions crafted by Robert W. Smith with their instruments, choral voices, or even both!

Backpack to Briefcase

Group projects just got an upgrade. With Business Learning Series, students not only learn business principles that investment mogul Marcus Lemonis uses on his CNBC show The Profit, but they also conduct in-park field research, collaborating with their peers to identify business processes in the real world. At the conclusion of the program, they will have a keen sense of best business practices.

Selfie Producers to Global Producers

For today’s students, taking a selfie has become an art form. While a selfie may not seem like much, an interest in language arts, or screenwriting often starts with curiosity and a camera lens.

In Storytelling: It Starts with a Hero, students take a trip to Full Sail University where they are emerged in a world of film, photography, and set production. By the time they arrive to the parks, they are ready to hit the streets of our parks to create and capture stories of their own.

Center Stage Always

Some of us never grow out of playing dress up—instead we grow up to become amazing entertainers. With the STARS Performance Program, an otherwise routine stage performance becomes a production on display in front of an international audience. This shows students that the sky truly is the limit from here.

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