Top Five Reasons Kids Love Marvel Super Hero Academy on the Disney Fantasy

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(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

I am beyond excited to share even more details about the all-new Marvel Super Hero Academy aboard the Disney Fantasy. Throughout this one-of-a-kind youth space, children can learn the ways of the mystic arts with Doctor Strange and even discover what it takes to become a true hero with Thor.

Here are some of the fun feats that heroes-in-the-making are currently taking on in this epic academy:

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

5. While exploring the academy, young trainees should listen out for the thunderous entrance of the hero of Asgard, Thor. He just might have an unexpected visit from his brother Loki through a magical portal as well …

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

4. The Mighty Thor teaches kids the path to becoming worthy through strength, knowledge and compassion. With the Mjölnir in hand, Thor leads the future heroes to become worthy enough to wield their own hammers.

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

3. Curious children can examine some truly powerful objects. Doctor Strange’s sling rings, Black Panther’s mask and the mysterious Wakandan vibranium that made Captain America’s shield are all on display as inspiration for future heroes.

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

2. Future sorcerers can take the journey into the mystic arts to learn to open their minds and find their inner powers from Doctor Strange himself. (Remember “Shamballa,” you’ll thank me later!)

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

1. After learning how to harness energy from Doctor Strange, kids can create portals using their newly acquired skills and travel anywhere throughout the Multiverse. (Be sure to keep an eye out for Dormammu …)

Joining Marvel Super Heroes in these epic missions are just the beginning of the adventures to be had throughout the new youth spaces in Disney’s Oceaneer Club. Seven-night itineraries aboard the Disney Fantasy allow for tons of fun, so stay tuned for even more details on what out-of-this-world adventures have hit the high seas.

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