Ten Best Things About Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort

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Water is life. Life is Joy. The simple philosophy of the Waturi people could not be more appropriate to describe what awaits us all at Universal Orlando Resort’s newest theme park, their first water theme park, Universal’s Volcano Bay. I hope every guest at Universal Orlando Resort can experience living “the life” in this island oasis so to help you plan your time, here are the ten best things about Volcano Bay.

10. The Story

With every attraction and experience Universal Orlando offers, it all starts with a story—and Volcano Bay is no exception. Your time at the water theme park was driven and inspired by a story, so be sure to dive into the narrative of the Waturi people. The tale of these proud people, who searched for a home and were led to paradise by a mythical golden fish, is exactly what you’ll need to prepare yourself for the sights, sounds, and sensations of Volcano Bay.

 9. Private Cabanas

The roaring waters of the Krakatau Volcano waterfall, the delicious tropical drinks, and the sounds of the islands are all best experienced in your own oasis of a Private Cabana. Featuring your own exclusive menu, complimentary fruit plate, and concierge service, these cabanas are worth every penny. I particularly love the “home base” feel that it provides for everyone in your party. No matter what attractions you experience, what restaurant or bar you choose to savor, the whole crew can meet up at their own private “home” for the day!

8. The Food

Like all other dining choices at Universal Orlando Resort, the cuisine is themed to the story and the food at Volcano Bay will not disappoint. There are four main dining locations at Volcano Bay; Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social ClubWhakawaiwai EatsBambu, and The Feasting Frog. With so many delicious dishes and restaurant choices, your only regret will be if you don’t have enough time, or stomach real estate, to try them all!

7. TapuTapu

Universal Orlando is always pushing the envelope with incorporating new technologies into the parks and attractions. Upon entering the park and receiving your TapuTapu, you will get to start your day. Guests are encouraged to use their TapuTapu on one of the easily identifiable TapTu Play symbols found all around the park. Upon contact, water will begin spraying and giant water windmills begin turning around you!

Not only is the TapuTapu fun, but it is also super functional. TapuTapu can became your wallet with TapTu Pay and you won’t have to carry cash or touch keypads with wet hands.

6. No Standing In Long Lines

What’s the number one theme park hassle? Lines. Well, at Volcano Bay you can enjoy the fun and sun without having to queue for long periods of time. With so many things to see, so many drinks to drink, and so many rays to catch, you won’t want to spend your time standing in a long line. Fortunately, like everyone who visits Volcano Bay, you will get a return time on TapuTapu and spend the rest of your time enjoying the best that the park has to offer.

5. The Thrills

With more than 18 attractions, Volcano Bay has something for everyone. The Maku Puihi round raft rides are a great experience, allowing multiple people to enjoy the ride together. And the Punga Racers are a cool take on competitive fun. True thrill seekers will have to conquer one attraction in particular—The Ko’okiri Body Plunge! High atop the Krakatau Volcano, this gift of an attraction to any “adrenaline junkie,” is home to a 125-foot drop at a 70-degree angle.


4. The Drinks

While the kids are swimming, playing and enjoying the cool things that TapuTapu can do, what can Mom and Dad enjoy? The answer to that question can be found in a delicious “Blue Hawaiian” or “Strawberry Ginger Lift,” two of the many signature drinks that can only be found at Volcano Bay.

When any adult thinks “Tropical Oasis,” they think about sitting on a beautiful beach with a drink in hand, hopefully with fruit garnish and a tiny umbrella. I am happy to report that one can bring that very vision to life, complete with umbrella!

 3. Kids Areas

If you have kids, chances are that it is important that each theme park you visit have a spacious, fun area for them to play in. Tot Tiki Reef and Runamukka Reef are the perfect places for little ones to play around their own volcano, run through bubbling geysers, make water shoot out of cool places, and just be kids!

2. The Slides

When one thinks “water theme park,” of course water slides come to mind. And Volcano Bay is the buffet of water slides. With so many different variations to enjoy, even the most traveled, seasoned water park enthusiast will experience plenty of new things here.

The Honu ika Moana raft ridesTaniwha Tubes, and Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slides are all strikingly different from one another and provide unique experiences for everyone. Whether you want to brave it alone, or bring the whole crew for a multi-person slide experience, Volcano Bay has you covered. I thoroughly enjoyed the group fun atmosphere on the Maku Puihi round raft rides, while my favorite individual slide was the incredible Ohno Drop Slide, sending me into a six-foot plunge into the pool below!

1. The Krakatau Volcano

Towering 200 feet tall, Krakatau is the breathtaking centerpiece of Volcano Bay. Not only a visual marvel, it’s also home to The Krakatau Aqua Coaster.  This impressive attraction showcases the evolution of theme park rides and illustrates a perfect marriage of water-based experiences and the thrilling coasters that we’ve come to expect and love from Universal Orlando.

This four person aqua coaster brings you into the heart of the volcano and sends everyone rocketing up and plunging down through shimmering waterfalls. Beauty, power, and fun are the best words to describe this iconic epicenter of the best water theme park that I’ve experienced.

Have you visited Volcano Bay? Tell me what you think the best things about Volcano Bay are.

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