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Why You Should Use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

I know, you have been to Disney World Florida or Disneyland or on a Disney Cruise several times in the past. You know all the ins and outs of planning a Disney vacation. You have all your bases covered. You also have a job, family, and home to take care of, in addition to planning a vacation that could be the third largest expenditure in your life, behind your home and cars.   You’re sitting up until all hours of the night, booking dinner reservations, making sure you have tickets to Cirque du Soleil, getting up early to ensure you get booked for Cinderella’s Royal Table, and after all this, you forget to schedule a card from Mickey for your youngest child’s birthday.

Now imagine this identical situation, only you have never been to Disney World or only been once for a short trip.  Wouldn’t you want some assistance with planning this type of major event? Wouldn’t you be willing to pay for someone to walk you through the planning or even take care of these issues for you?

What if I said you could have all that for free?

As a travel agent focusing on Disney and Universal Studios vacations, I am better thought of as a vacation planner, not really a travel agent. We help guests book their vacation package and then our real work begins, all at no cost to the guest. We help guests with every aspect of the vacation planning including itinerary planning, restaurant suggestions, dining reservations, birthday celebrations, directions around Orlando, and so much more. We even do the little extras, like calling your Resort Manager to request a birthday Character Card for your child, delivering your package to your resort (if you have a last minute trip) or getting that “hard to get” breakfast reservation with Cinderella. We have the contacts and are locally based in Orlando to do the “extras”. Additionally, Destinations in Florida is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  This means we are the first to receive new discount package deals and I am a graduate of Disney’s travel agent training, the Disney College of Knowledge.

Another important part of our services, that brings guests back to us year after year, is our price checking service. We know all of the discounts available and always offer the best possible price for a Disney Resort, Disney Cruise, or Universal vacation. This is a unique service, since most companies, including Disney direct, will not offer any discounts unless you tell them about it.

Here are some of our free services we provide our guests:

  • Free Itinerary Planning (Valued at $149)
  • Free Dining Suggestions & Reservation Planning (Valued at $69)
  • Free Know Before You Go Guide
  • Free MousePerks – Magic in your In Box!
  • Free Disney Theme Park Guide Maps
  • Free Orlando Magicard (Hundreds of dollars in additional Orlando travel savings)
  • Free Mickey Mouse autograph pictures for the kids in your family
  • Free Discount Watching (We will watch for future discounts that may save you money, even after you booked your package
  • Extra Surprises…you never know what other fun surprises you will get for your family vacation…just wait and see!

It is in my best interest to ensure that you have the best possible Disney experience.  I want a happy customer that will refer friends and family and return to them the next time they are booking a vacation.  I hope you book your Disney vacation with me!  This way, you can spend your evenings having dinner with your family and your nights enjoying some quality time with your husband or wife, while we do the work for you.

Isn’t having an assistant great?

Email spreadingmagic@gmail.com and take advantage of my free services! I’d love to help you plan your next adventure!