Top 5 Hawaiian Words to Know for Your Family’s Hawaiian Vacation

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Aloha! Are you planning a Hawaiian vacation or would you like to? There is a beautiful Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii called Aulani. Aulani is in Ko Olina on the island of Oahu. If you are visiting the Hawaiian islands, it’s a good idea to learn the top 5 Hawaiian words to know before your family’s vacation!

The Aulani Cultural Advisor, Kahulu De Santos, has recommend the five most useful expressions that every Aulani guest should know.

1. Aloha – “Hello”

mickey and minnie at aulani splash pad

Aloha is the Hawaiian word that you will use most during a visit to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa or any Hawaiian island. From the moment you arrive, the spirit of aloha is alive in every cast member interaction. The cool thing about this Hawaiian word is that it also can mean “goodbye.” So, aloha can be used to both begin and end a conversation!

2. E komo mai – “Welcome”

lei welcome at aulani

Just as Walt Disney said when Disneyland park was dedicated, “To all who come to this happy place: Welcome,” a welcoming spirit is the foundation for all Disney Parks & Resorts. Aulani is no exception and a truly beautiful example of that spirit.

3. ‘Ohana – “Family”

family surfing at aulani

If you have seen Lilo and Stitch, this one may already be familiar to you! There is a plethora of activities available for your entire family to enjoy at Aulani. A few guest favorites include Disney Family Fun Animation, ‘Ohana Hula and of course, the Aulani Starlit Hui.

4. Keiki – “Child” or “Children”

auntys beach house 1

Disney Characters, Aunty’s Beach House and Keiki Cove are just three of the options available for your kids, or keiki (pronounced kay-key), to enjoy during your vacation at Aulani. Even as keiki grow older, there are daily tween and teen activities that allow every member of your ‘ohana (family) to meet new friends and take home treasured experiences.

5. Mahalo – “Thank You”

chip and dale at aulani

Mahalo is another Hawaiian word that is used frequently during visits. Cast members at Aulani often thank guests for visiting Aulani by saying, “Mahalo!”

Hopefully these expressions help you and your ‘ohana feel at home during your Aulani vacation!

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