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Monsters University Homecoming at Hollywood Studios

Make way for a Monsters University Homecoming celebration at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florda! The Monsters University School of Scaring is hosting a campus bash inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Monsters University and it all goes down every evening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can hit the quad where you will hear your DJ—”Monster of Scaremonies”—spinning the latest beats, and take part in a series of fun activities. Then, get pepped up as the Monsters University cheerleaders pop in to lead the Monsters University Fight Song before those monsters of rock, Scare Supply, take the stage. You will even enjoy a medley of monstrous mash-ups and then laugh along when they are joined on stage by everyone’s favorite scarers, Mike and Sulley. It’s a pep rally of epic proportions, and it’s all part of Disney’s Limited Time Magic!

Plus, don’t forget that you can see Mike and Sulley’s dorms at Disney’s California Adventure park or the Monsters University Student Union at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios as part of the Disney parks monstrous summer!

Have you seen Disney-Pixar’s Monsters University yet? What did you think?

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