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Learn About Agriculture at Living with the Land in Epcot

Are you looking for an educational experience with your family at Disney World? There are plenty of opportunities throughout all four theme parks! Today, we are going to learn more about Living with the Land, a 14-minute boat ride in Future World at Epcot theme park that explores agricultural advances in the rain forest, Africa and beyond.

See the Future of Food Production in Living with The Land
Gain a newfound appreciation for where your food comes from on this cruise through the living laboratories of Epcot.

Many of your favorite foodstuffs—chocolate, coffee, vanilla, tomatoes and rice, to name a few—grow on trees, vines and now even in soil-less environments. See firsthand how Disney’s horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding high-yield crops with the goal of sustaining our growing global population.

Educational and Profoundly Fascinating in Living with The Land
Multimedia displays of diverse eco systems, from rain forest to farmstead, bring our agricultural history to life. As you cruise by, hear about mankind’s past successes, failures, lessons learned and hopeful future when it comes to living off the land.


See specimens of produce from around the world, some modified to jaw-dropping effect, in the pavilion’s 4 greenhouses. Live eels, tilapia, catfish, freshwater shrimp and American alligators are also on display as you travel though the fish farm.

Sail through the greenhouses of The Land Pavilion and behold 9-pound lemons, Mickey-shaped pumpkins and more!

Living with The Land

You can even taste the fruits of this labor for yourself by dining at Sunshine Seasons or the Garden Grill Restaurant in The Land Pavilion, both of which serve produce and seafood fresh from the farm.

Like what you see or want to learn more? We can sign you up for the Behind the Seeds tour, which is an in depth walking tour of the facilities!

About the attraction: Epcot® Future World

Guests Can Be: Any Height

Age Interest: Preschoolers, Kids, Adults, All Ages

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Thrill Level: Slow Rides

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