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Download the Disney Storytime App

You can now download the Disney Storytime app. With the Disney Storytime app, you can:

  • Get 3 FREE Disney stories- Toy Story: Starry Night, Tangled: Rapunzel’s Story and Monsters, Inc.: Always Time for a Laugh.
  • Unlock up to 17 additional interactive stories with in-app purchases that allows your kids to choose their favorite books
  • A rich and immersive reading experience

The Disney Storytime app features the largest collection of Disney stories available at your fingertips! Your little one can go on a campout with Woody, Buzz and Jessie, enjoy an exciting adventure with Lightning, Mater, and the gang, meet Belle’s new puppy, and so much more! Your child can read at his/her own pace, follow along as each story is read to him/her, or record his/her own voice! Plus, don’t forget to visit the “Me” section where your child can create and personalize his/her very own Storytime avatar.

The Disney Storytime app features delightful illustrations and animation, professional narration, original music and hundreds of sound effects. The Disney Storytime app offers countless hours of immersive reading fun.

The complete collection of stories available with the Disney Storytime app are:

  • Toy Story: Starry Night
  • Tangled: Rapunzel’s Story
  • Monsters, Inc.: Always Time for a Laugh
  • Cars: Rematch
  • Cars: Radiator Springs Road Trip
  • Finding Nemo: A Friend in Need
  • Toy Story: A Tight Squeeze
  • Toy Story: Mixed Signals
  • Incredibles: Super Annoying
  • The Little Mermaid: A Special Song
  • Cinderella: The Lost Mice
  • Beauty and the Beast: Belle and the Castle Puppy
  • Princess And The Frog: A Surprise Guest
  • Sleeping Beauty: Buttercup the Brave
  • Wall-E: Down to Earth
  • Up: Watch Dug
  • Aladdin: Abu’s Adventure
  • Lion King: A Day Without Pumbaa
  • 101 Dalmatians: Puppy Trouble
  • The Aristocats: The Coziest Carriage

You can download the free Disney Storytime app here. The Disney Storytime app was designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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