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Create your own monster with Monsters University Create a monster app

There’s lots of fun you can have to celebrate the release of Disney-Pixar’s newest film, Monsters University! You can now create your own monster with the Monsters University create a monster app. Plus, you can download your own Monsters University coloring page or Monsters University ID.

When creating your own monster with the Monsters University create a monster app, you will first select the monster body type. You have ten different options to choose from. Next, you will select which color you would like your monster to be. There are five different colors to choose from. Then, you can customize your monster by adding accessories! There are lots of choices including, hair styles, hats, horns, wings, eye lashes, and more! Lastly, don’t forget to name your monster and then you can even share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr; download your monster; or print your monster, complete with its Monsters University Identification card. You can create as many monster friends as you’d like!

You can create your own monster student with the Monsters University create a monster app here.

There’s more Monsters University fun for you, too! Download the Monsters University coloring page here. You can also make your own Monsters University ID card here.

Monsters University roared into theaters nation wide today, Friday, June 21, 2013 where you can learn the story of how everyone’s favorite scarers, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (Sulley), became friends. Are you planning to see this new Disney-Pixar film?

Are you considering a Disney parks vacation? It’s sure to be a monstrous summer with Mike and Sulley’s new Monsters University Student Union meet and greet area at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and the Monsters University dorms at Disney’s California Adventure park! Email Siera at spreadingmagic@gmail.com for more information about your next vacation!