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Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

Congratulations on your engagement! You found The One, got engaged, and are in the midst of planning your magical wedding & honeymoon. YAY!

Many couples don’t know all the ins and outs of planning a great honeymoon! If you’re like most people, you probably have this idea, that you’ll just find a resort somewhere in a beautiful location, book it, get married, and head off to honeymoon bliss! But, as you start planning your honeymoon, it can be stressful and overwhelming trying to plan a honeymoon that gives you EXACTLY what you want! There is a lot of planning that comes into play to make sure you have a honeymoon full of relaxation & romance, instead of disappointment and frustration. There’s so much to consider, from which destination to choose, the best resort to stay at, as well as choosing an air itinerary that won’t have you checking in late at night, losing the entire first day of your honeymoon to travel!

This honeymoon planning guide is exactly what you need to have a honeymoon that will truly be fabulous! These 8 steps will help you put all of the pieces together for a relaxing and pampering honeymoon in paradise.

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

Ok, so let’s jump into these six honeymoon essentials!

1. Create a “Honeymoon Wish List”

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

Before you do any honeymoon planning, you and your future spouse need to
take some time to make a list together of what you both are hoping to get out of
your honeymoon. I call it a “honeymoon wishlist” Is gourmet food important to
you, do you prefer ala cart vs. buffet restaurants? Do you care more about
having a stunning honeymoon suite, or are you ok with the standard room? Are
you both wanting a beautiful long stretch of swimmable beach, or are pools
more important to you? What type of excursions would you like to enjoy? You
will want to have at least some of these settled before you start researching
destinations and resorts.

2. Don’t Base Your Decisions Solely on Recommendations

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

Recommendations are great, but you have to remember that you are a completely different couple than they are. What is great for one couple, may not be great for you! Your honeymoon is pretty important, you don’t want to take a chance on having an underwhelming or poor experience. It’s fine to take a recommendation, but use it as a starting point, not your end point. And PLEASE, don’t go to Trip Advisor until you’ve narrowed your selection of honeymoon resorts down to two or three options!

3. Do This Instead

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

Remember that list I told you to create in point number 1? Once you have that
list made, you’ll want to start thinking about past travel experiences, both good
and bad… What did you like or love about a trip you took, or what did you dislike
or hate, about a past vacation or getaway? Add these to your “honeymoon wish
list”. Now you will be ready to move on to point number 4.

4. Make a List of Potential Honeymoon Destinations

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

Now it’s time to start making a list of potential honeymoon destinations! Use
your honeymoon wish list to help you narrow down destinations that offer what
is on your list, then make a list of potential honeymoon resorts.

5. Research Possible Honeymoon Resorts in Your Targeted Destinations

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

Once you have a couple of honeymoon locations chosen, then it’s time to figure out which resort to have your ceremony and host your group. One of the most effective ways to choose a wedding resort & venue is to visit it first before you decide. In fact, many resorts offer special “wedding visit” packages to encourage you to visit their resort hoping you will choose them for your destination wedding.

6. Get a New Email Exclusively for Wedding Related Conversations

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

This is a great way to stay organized and not miss any type of important communication about your honeymoon. I always suggest that you create a special email address exclusively for your wedding & honeymoon. This way all of your wedding correspondence & conversations will be in one spot! Believe me, this will save you so much time and probably money in the end. The last thing you want is to miss a confirmation email that your honeymoon resort suite is almost sold out, booking because it was sandwiched between emails from Beach Body & your Grandmother’s cataract surgery!

7. Consider Getting a New Credit Card that Earns Miles

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

As long as you are going to be charging your wedding expenses, you might as well earn some reward miles to help you pay for your honeymoon, or at least pay you back for booking your honeymoon. This is a great time to open a new credit card that will earn you miles or points for future or even current travel. You could actually get a discount on your airfare if you play your credit cards right!

8. Consider Working with a Honeymoon Specialist

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

If you want to ensure that your honeymoon won’t be a disappointment, as well as, reduce the stress and frustration you may feel when trying to plan this all on your own, it may be worth it to invest in hiring a honeymoon planner. A properly trained honeymoon specialist knows how to take your honeymoon wishlist, and quickly narrow down destinations & honeymoon resorts, that will be perfect for both of you! They will also make sure that you receive ALL the honeymoon amenities & perks you will qualify for as well.

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

At the end of the day, you want your honeymoon to be your reward after
all of the stress, and time you spent planning your wedding. It should be a fabulous time of FINALLY getting away, just the two of you, where you can relax, be pampered and just focus on each other.

Whether you’re looking for an over-the-water bungalow or a secluded white sand beach where you both can unplug and unwind, putting these 8 steps in place will ensure that your honeymoon experience will be everything you hoped for, as well as one of your fondest new memories as a couple.

And, if you feel like you need a little help planning your honeymoon or just
want this pressure and stress lifted off of your shoulders, then I encourage you to schedule a free 15-minute honeymoon planning strategy session with me!

I would be honored to help your figure out everything you need for your honeymoon dreams to come true!

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide: 8 Things You Need to Know for the Perfect Honeymoon

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

It’s no secret that your honeymoon will be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life, second only to your wedding day. Even years from now, your friends and family will still be asking you about the most memorable events from your honeymoon. Plus, your honeymoon is just one of many choices you’ll have to make as you plan your wedding. With literally thousands of options to consider for planning your dream trip, I have put together a list of the Top 7 honeymoon Trends for 2023 so you can be sure you’ve booked the perfect honeymoon. These top honeymoon trends will give you a good idea of what the future of “honeymooning” will look like in 2023 and beyond! Enjoy!

1. Planning Earlier than Before

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

Before the pandemic, it was customary for a couple to book their honeymoon around 6
months out, but as the world has opened up again, many couples are doing what I call
“revenge travel” for all of the lost and postponed trips couples have had to deal with
these last three years. In 2023, there is higher demand and lower inventory, which
also drives up prices.

BOTTOM LINE: The sooner you can discover the destination & resort you want for
your honeymoon, and book it, the better!

2. Premium on Service

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

In 2023, couples are putting a premium on pampering, luxury, and service. They are
looking for great value. Not a low price, but a honeymoon that includes extra touches of
service, such as a private airport shuttle or having a butler welcome you with a refreshing drink and moist towel, and then entering your honeymoon suite to see a chilled bottle of champagne, with gourmet snacks waiting for you as you enter your honeymoon suite.

3. Bucket List Stays & Experiences

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

In 2023 couples are looking to do a “bucket list” experience for their honeymoon. More
and more couples are expecting their honeymoon to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, including staying in an over-the-water bungalow, a luxury honeymoon suite, or even renting a private yacht. Many couples now want their honeymoon to include some type of archaeological tour or visit to historical landmarks or cities.

PRO TIP: If you don’t quite have the budget for a full 7 or 14-night stay in an
over-the-water bungalow, then I always suggest to my clients doing a split stay. Maybe
start your honeymoon off with a bang at the more expensive “WOW” factor room, and
then finish your honeymoon in a room that allows your whole honeymoon to fit your

4. Group Moons

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023
Image: Beaches Resorts

No, this isn’t a honeymoon for swingers, but many couples who had to postpone their
weddings or honeymoons during the pandemic want to make up for the missed
opportunities to travel, as well as now being new parents. They still want a big fun
celebration, and therefore they are now bringing their closest family and friends to join
them to celebrate with them on their honeymoon.

5. Focus on Health & Wellness

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

Many couples will be planning their honeymoon with a focus on rejuvenating both
mind & body. These honeymoons will include an itinerary of farm-to-table food
experiences, eating at local fresh food restaurants & markets, as well as pampering spa
treatments, sunrise yoga sessions, meditations, and activities that promote all-around
health and vitality.

6. Honeymoon Registries

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

With rising inflation, and couples looking to have an above-average honeymoon experience, many couples will create a honeymoon registry or fund that their family and friends can give as a wedding gift to help them pay for their dream honeymoon.

7. Consulting with a Honeymoon Specialist

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

In 2023, couples are consulting and hiring a honeymoon specialist to help them make sure they are getting everything they want and the maximum value out of their honeymoon. Couples are busier than ever before as they work, start their family, buy a new home, and try to fit in time for each other, all while trying to plan their wedding. It’s worth the investment to spend a little extra to get their honeymoon planned right, and take the stress & frustration of planning the perfect honeymoon off of their plate!

As you can see, you now have more honeymoon options at your fingertips than ever
before. There will always be a place for traditional honeymooners who just want to get away with their new spouse and relax on a beautiful beach. But, if you’re looking for something a little more inspirational, consider some of these trends without sacrificing what’s ultimately important to you for a romantic and pampering honeymoon. These may be 2023 trends, but old-fashioned romance never goes out of style!

I hope that my list of the top honeymoon trends of 2023 will help you plan your future honeymoon even better. And maybe, it will even give you a few ideas that you didn’t know you wanted!

If you are in the midst of planning your honeymoon and feel like you’re stuck or not
getting very far, I encourage you to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with me! I would be honored to help your figure out everything you need for a relaxing & magical honeymoon!

Sign up here to find the BEST honeymoon destinations for ANY budget!

The Top 7 Honeymoon Trends of 2023

Top 10 Vacations for 2016: #9 Sandals Emerald Bay

Happy New Year! Now is the time to start thinking about your vacation and getaways for 2016. What is on your bucket list? What memories do you want to create with your family this year? I have picked the Top 10 Vacations for 2016. These are my favorites for this year.


#9 Sandals Emerald Bay, Golf, Tennis and Spa Resort in Great Exuma, Bahamas

Join in where intimate seclusion meets the golfer’s paradise on this outer island in the Bahamas. This paradise island is just 50 miles off the Florida coast; allowing it to be the perfect romantic getaway. This easy going luxury resort has the supreme service of club level and butler rooms only. Three impressive pools, including a dramatic fireplace in the center of a pool and zero depth entry. There are seven exceptional restaurants to satisfy anyone palate. An exotic adventure can begin right from the shores of this resort, from snorkeling to experiencing the wild pigs swimming out to meet you. This resort has the attitude of do as much as you want or nothing at all the perfect mixtures of both in 2016.

Where do you want to go this year?

Stop by tomorrow to see the #8 vacation for 2016!

Contact Siera today to book and plan your 2016 vacations at 734-771-1290 or

Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations

 abd italy gondola ride

Brides magazine recently published a list of the top 20 honeymoon destinations. Check out the list:

  • Italy- romantic ruins, palatial hotels, heart-stopping canals, and vineyards
  • French Polynesia- overwater bungalows that offer panoramic blue-water views
  • Maui- black-sand beaches, romantic waterfalls, and countless waterfront resorts
  • St. Lucia- all-inclusive resorts, endless beaches, rain forests, gardens, national parks, and a drive-in volcano
  • Turks and Caicos- coral reefs ideal for scuba diving, clear blue waters, and a bustling restaurant scene
  • Kauai- 50 miles of beaches, charming small towns, and cliffside golf courses
  • France- wineries, beaches, the history, and, of course, the romance of Paris
  • Greece- historical attractions, delicious cuisine, picture-perfect beaches, and thermal spas
  • Fiji- high-end, midrange, and budget resorts, as well as coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and scuba diving
  • Bali-  five-star resorts, panoramic ocean views, mountains with gorgeous waterfalls, and world-class cuisine
  • Mexico- ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and fabulous resorts
  • Thailand- tropical islands with a balmy climate, culturally rich cities, famous massages, and colorful markets
  • St. Barts- high-end boutique hotels or private villa with “a healthy shopping district”
  • Jamaica- beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and “that famous music and food”
  • South Africa- try a wildlife safari, cage diving with great white sharks, or visit wineries in the countryside
  • Costa Rica- tropical rainforest getaway with remote beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, national parks, rafting, and surfing
  • Anguilla- blue waters, white-sand beaches, andgorgeous waterfront resorts with infinity pools
  • Antigua- perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, or sailing
  • Dominican Republic- beautiful all inclusive resorts with  golf courses, palm-tree-lined beaches, and waterfalls
  • British Virgin Islands- great if you want to surf, sail, yacht or sea kayak near a luxury resort

Where did you honeymoon? Where would your dream honeymoon be?

Siera is a travel agent with Destinations to Explore and a charter member of the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist Association. She would love to help you plan your next honeymoon or vacation at no cost to you. Email for more information. 

Visit the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort on O’ahu

Your perfect Hawai‘i vacation awaits!

Located on O’ahu and Hawai’i, The Big Island, the Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii are the crown jewels presiding over the world-renowned tropical islands. You can pamper yourself in world-class spas, find adventure on a water excursion, or simply experience a vacation with shopping, dining and authentic activities for the whole family. These resorts are the perfect destination for an island retreat.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort – O’ahu

Located on Waikiki’s widest stretch of beach, this unique getaway offers a wide selection of 90 shops and boutiques, nightly live entertainment, weekly fireworks, award-winning restaurants, lounges and bars, 5 pools including a 5 acre salt-water lagoon and the Paradise Pool which features a ’77 foot waterslide, Camp Penguin® – children’s activity program, Waikiki Starlight Luau Mandara Spa and much, much more.

Guests staying a minimum of 4 nights will receive:

  • Special Daily Rates, mandatory Resort Charge is included
  • One Category Upgrade

Book by March 31, 2014 for travel through March 31, 2014

Honeymoon Package

Honeymoon guests staying a minimum of 4 nights will receive:

  • Special Daily Rates, mandatory Resort Charge is included
  • One Category Upgrade
  • Coupon for 2 Tropical Drinks
  • Coupon for 2 Golden Circle Tickets to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Starlight Luau

Booking  by March 31, 2014 for travel through March 31, 2104

Kids Stay FREE
Guests are allowed to have up to 3 children 17 and younger stay free of charge when sharing a guestroom with an adult and utilizing existing bedding.

Booking by March 31, 2014 for travel through March 31, 2014

Siera is a Hawaii Destinations Specialist and would love to help you plan your Hawaiian vacation at no cost to you. Request a free, no obligation quote on the right side of the page or email 

Great Discounts Available at Melia Hotels and Resorts

You can enjoy resort credits, kids stay free, birthday and honeymoon specials, free upgrades, and more when you stay at Melia Hotels and Resorts. Whether you’re planning a luxurious getaway or an action-packed family vacation, Melia Hotels International offers several distinct vacation brands custom-fit to meet the needs of your ideal getaway. Melia Hotels & Resorts offer superior quality hotels, which are internationally renowned for their highly personalized and friendly service.

Melia Cozumel All Inclusive Beach Resort
Kids Stay & Eat FREE!
This superior oceanfront resort appeals to families, spa and golf-lovers alike.

  • Located beachfront, ten minutes from the airport
  • Across the street from championship golf at the Cozumel Country Club
  • ‘Flintstones Land™ Playground’ and ‘Yabba-Dabba-Doo Bazaar’ for kids
  • Unique activities such as cooking, bartending and Latin dance classes
  • Nightly entertainment including circus and famous Broadway acts

Melia Cabo Real All Inclusive Beach & Golf Resort
FREE Room Upgrade!
This renowned resort characterized by style, innovation and service meets the needs of today’s families, golfers and groups.

  • Beachfront, between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas
  • Rooms and suites with private balconies, including Junior
  • Family Suites for up to six guests
  • Access to the Cabo Real Championship Golf Course designed by Robert Trent Jones II
  • A swimmable beach, outdoor pool, kid’s pool and Jacuzzi

Melia Azul Ixtapa
Birthday and Honeymoon Gift!
Nestled between a deep green hillside, the Pacific Ocean and a wealth of nearby golf courses, this upscale resort appeals to everyone.

  • Reduced rates
  • Kids ages 5-12 stay FREE
  • 20% off on massage center
  • $50 credit for a romantic dinner

Melia Puerto Vallarta
Kids Stay and Eat FREE!
This charming resort has something for every member of the family.
Daily activities custom-tailored for adults and children.

  • Special kid’s clubs with activities for toddlers, kids and teens
  • Four restaurants with casual and gourmet, international dining options
  • An on-site spa and fitness center, plus one of the largest pools in Puerto Vallarta

Gran Melia Hotels & Resorts 
Accommodating hotels with a unique architectural personality that provides luxurious and elegant accommodations, exclusive surroundings, world-class facilities and unsurpassed service.

Gran Melia Cancun
Kids Stay FREE!
Couples, spa lovers and golf enthusiasts alike experience friendly service, upscale amenities and an environment of casual elegance during stays at this premier Mexican getaway.

  • Beautiful tropical setting
  • Pampering services at the dynamic spa
  • A 9-hole executive golf course

Gran Melia Puerto Rico
Kids Stay FREE, Plus FREE Flair Discount Card!
This romantic, all-suite getaway boasts beautifully-appointed, junior suites complete with dynamic amenities and a private balcony or verandah.

  • Nightly live entertainment
  • Full service spa
  • Two 18-hole championship golf courses designed by PGA pro Tom Kite


ME by Melia
Contemporary design in modern surroundings, a great range of bars and restaurants and truly superior service.

ME Cancun
Kids Stay FREE!
ME Cancun is a contemporary adult-oriented luxury resort concept. It is a South Beach experience in the Mexican Caribbean.

  • Premium suites with sunsational views
  • 5 restaurants, 7 lounges and 24 hour room service
  • Fitness center, spa, steam room, and 3 pools

ME Cabo
Kids Stay FREE!
This chic resort is perfect for active couples, young adults or the young at heart.

  • Beachfront, on Medano Beach, above the Land’s End Arch
  • Home to the world-famous ‘Nikki Beach Club’ and ‘Passions’ dance club and lounge
  • Two pools with large, beach-bed cabanas
  • A short drive from downtown Cabo San Lucas
  • Innovative fusion cuisine at oceanview restaurants

These offers are available through December 22, 2013 and is valid for travel through December 22, 2013!

Siera is a travel agent with Destinations to Explore and would love to help you plan the vacation of your dreams! You can email her at for more information and to learn more about one of these great offers! 

Enjoy the Club Sandals Concierge Service on Your Next Vacation

The Luxury Included experience begins and ends at Club Sandals, a place overflowing with extraordinary privileges, unique experiences, and exceptional service for concierge guests of Sandals Resorts in Jamaica. Extravagance is blended with remarkable amenities that completely redefine genuine hospitality and allow guests to enjoy one-on-one service and complete relaxation in the comfort of a stylish lounge. Club Sandals concierge offers unique insider’s opportunities exclusive to concierge guests and the best recommendations for discovering all that Sandals has to offer…and beyond.

Upon Arrival:

  • Met on arrival by Club Sandals Concierge.
  • Served cold/warm towels on arrival.
  • Privately checked in at the Club Sandals Lounge.
  • Escorted to room by Club Sandals Concierge.
  • In-Room Orientation by Club Sandals Concierge.
  • Private Resort Orientation by Club Sandals Concierge.
  • Club Sandals Welcome packet on arrival

Concierge Lounge Amenities:

  • Hours: 24 hours (As of June 1st); Staff will be available from the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • High-definition flat-screen TV.
  • Selection of Board Games, books and novels.
  • Tea and coffee station with assorted tea and freshly Ground Coffee
    (Blue Mountain Coffee).
  • Coffee machine in all lounges serving Espressos and Cappuccinos.
  • New York Times and British Today, The Canadian and any other Times Fax as requested.
  • Kindles available in the Lounge
  • IPads displaying menus, martini menu, weekly activities and Managers wine list
  • Library of Local Books Available
  • Air conditioned comfort
  • Signature Scent
  • Soothing Background Music
  • Guest check-out with Club Sandals Concierge
  • Free Basic Wi-Fi
  • Alcoholic Beverages, Sparkling Wine, Juice, Soda and Water
  • All Day Snacks and Pastries:
    • Danish, Croissants, Muffins
    • Coconut, Sugar and Chocolate cookies
    • Assorted Jamaican Desserts – Rumball, coconut drops, coconut macaroon, gizzarda
    • Apples and other Whole Fruits
    • Sandwiches and Wraps
  • Concierge Signature Drink

Staff Services:

  • Dedicated Club Sandals Concierge to assist with planning
    vacation experience
  • Dedicated Club Sandals Concierge to assist with booking reservations-dinner/spa/tour/private dinners
  • Daily contact with guests throughout their stay
  • Personalized Resort Orientation
  • Escort of guests to bus when they are going on tours
  • All Day Room Service from 7:30am to 10:00pm. (Except at Sandals Montego Bay)

Weekly Activities:

  • Weekly Cocktail Party/Exclusive Wine Tasting/Martini Evening
  • Reserved tables at property weekly buffet
  • Weekly Snorkeling Trip
  • Recognition of birthday/anniversary/
    special occasion
  • Personalized Island Routes Club
    Sandals Tours

Other Inclusions:

  • Robes in all rooms
  • In-Room Bar with pouring brands and fridge restocked daily with juice, water & sodas
  • Specially made Club Sandals room key
  • In-Room Culinary treat for late arrivals

Would you like to experience the luxurious Club Sandals on your next vacation? Email for more information! 

Tying the knot in Las Vegas

Are you thinking about tying the knot in Las Vegas? You can learn more about a stress-free Las Vegas wedding here.

It’s cliche to run away to Las Vegas or elope there with just your sweetheart. However, Las Vegas offers romantic, elegant weddings as well for those who want to celebrate with their family and friends, too. Tying the knot in Las Vegas offers options for every couple, whether you want to be married by Elvis, enjoy a classy, elegant affair, or something in between. The city even advertises, “Your ceremony in Vegas is only limited by your imagination. We’re a town that likes to please.”

Although you do need a license to be married in Las Vegas, you could get married without months and months of stressful planning. That’s one of the biggest benefits that draw couples to Las Vegas- the simplicity of a romantic ceremony.

Las Vegas does offer the drive-through chapels, but on the other hand, their most elegant hotels host first-class weddings, too. You could have velvet runners, imported roses, Chilean sea bass and string quartets. Las Vegas weddings can be custom-fit for any budget, any style, and any couple.

A wedding in Las Vegas is sure to leave any couple with unforgettable memories. Just think about the photo opportunities, the reception venues, and the available hotel rooms for all those friends and family who want to help celebrate your big day. Plus, after tying the knot in Las Vegas, you won’t have to rush to the airport because you’ll already be in one of the top honeymoon destinations.

You could take your sweetheart on a gondola ride, take pictures at the Bellagio fountains, or enjoy a meal by Wolfgang Puck. There are endless possibilities.

Are you thinking about a low-stress Las Vegas wedding or honeymoon? Email Siera at for more information! 

Plan Your Honeymoon at the Palace Resorts in Mexico


Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon? The all-inclusive Palace Resorts in Mexico are a great option! Here are some reasons why you should consider planning your honeymoon at the Palace Resorts! Their packages, including the complimentary honeymoon package, will add a special touch to your new life together.

Complimentary Honeymoon Package

  • Mini honeymoon cake
  • Bottle of sparkling wine
  • Romantic candlelight dinner
  • Two honeymoon T-shirts
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Guaranteed turndown service
  • Honeymoon desk
  • Late check out until 6:00pm (upon request and subject to availability)

* Honeymoon couple must present proof of marriage within the past year.

After you check in at the front desk of your resort, you will be directed to the honeymoon desk where you will be welcomed and you will be able to reserve your candlelight dinner.

The Palace Resorts also offer option honeymoon packages for an additional fee.



  • Two 25 minute back massages
  • Small flower arrangement
  • King bed guaranteed
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Keepsake bathrobes and slippers
  • In-room aromatherapy with fragrance menu


  • Two 50 minute holistic massages in couples™ spa suite*
  • Medium flower arrangement
  • King bed guaranteed
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Keepsake bathrobes and slippers
  • In-room aromatherapy with fragrance menu
  • Intimate candlelit rose petal bath in Jacuzzi
  • Tour for two:
  • Cancun/Isla Mujeres Lobster Dinner Cruise (round trip transportation included)
  • Riviera Maya/Cozumel – Lobster Dinner (roundtrip transportation included)
  • Riviera Nayarit- San Sebastian (round trip transportation included)


  • Holistic Spa Package (includes 25 min. Body Scrub, 50 min. Holistic Massage, and 25 min. Refresher Facial)
  • Large flower arrangement
  • King bed guaranteed
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Keepsake bathrobes and slippers
  • In-room aromatherapy with fragrance menu
  • Intimate candlelit rose petal bath in Jacuzzi
  • Mini Honeymoon Cake
  • In room romantic dinner
  • Tour for two:
  • Cancun/ Riviera Maya/ Cozumel / Tour to Xcaret (round trip transportation included)
  • Isla Mujeres – Garrafon
  • Riviera Nayarit-  Rhythms of the Night (round trip transportation included)

Would you like more information about spending your honeymoon at the Palace Resorts in Mexico? Contact today!

Plan Your Honeymoon at Couples Resorts in Jamaica or Barbados

You can begin your married life together with a romantic honeymoon at Couple Resorts in Jamaica or Barbados!
Stay at any of their four spectacular resorts, and allow them to pamper you from morning to night as you create loving memories that will last a lifetime.

From the moment you cross the threshold of your beautiful room, the celebration begins with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and a 25 minute couples massage in our spa. You can then continue the VIP treatment with one of their exclusive Romance Packages.

Honeymoon Decoration:

Transform your honeymoon room with:

  • Candles, rose petals and a bottle of sparkling wine for two.

Just Because:

Set a magical stage for romance with:

  • Tropical flowers and sparkling wine in your room upon arrival.
  • A sensual spa treatment with a $100 Spa Certificate.
  • $25 Gift Shop Certificate for any last minute trinkets.

Forever Yours:

We welcome you to your wedding week with:

  • A tropical arrangement of fresh flowers and sparkling wine in your room.
  • A private candle-lit dinner under the stars, served by your own personal waiter.
  • $100 spa certificate
  • $50 Gift Shop Certificate for any last minute trinkets.

Magical Memories:

The memories begin the moment you walk into your room to find:

  • A stunning tropical flower arrangement and sparkling wine for two.
  • A 25 minute couples´ massage plus your choice of an additional treatment with a $100 Spa Certificate.
  • A private candle-lit dinner under the stars, served by your own personal waiter.
  • A $50 Gift Shop Certificate.

Say I Do:

Indulge in whimsical romance with:

  • A fruit carving that asks ‘Will you Marry Me?’
  • A private candle-lit dinner under the stars, served by your own personal waiter.
  • ‘His & Hers’ manicure and pedicure, and any other award-winning treatment with $75 Spa Certificate.
  • Two beachfront engagement photos (5×7) taken by a professional photographer.
  • A $50 Gift Shop Certificate.

Love & Romance Package:

Shower your partner with love:

  • A stunning tropical flower arrangement, sparkling wine, and a delectable chocolate plate —waiting in your room upon arrival.
  • A private candle-lit dinner under the stars, served by your own personal waiter.
  • A sensual spa treatment with a $100 Spa Certificate.
  • $75 Gift Shop Certificate.
  • $100 Certificate towards your return trip to Couples Resorts.

Would you like more information or to start planning your honeymoon at Couples Resorts? Contact me at