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5 Wedding Photography Tips To Get Images You’ll Love for Forever

In the kaleidoscope of wedding memories, few things hold the power to transport you back to your special day like the photographs captured. These snapshots freeze moments of joy, love, and celebration in time, allowing you to relive your wedding day for years to come. To ensure that your wedding album brims with images that evoke the same emotions as the day itself, we’re discussing five essential wedding photography tips that will help you achieve timeless and captivating shots. From selecting the right photographer to embracing candid moments, these insights will guide you in capturing images that resonate with your heart forever.

Being a lasting memory of the day and with so much investment (not only money, but also time), you’ll want to ensure your wedding photos are everything you wanted and more. Not only will they be photographing you as a couple and documenting the day but they’ll also be capturing each little detail you’ve painstakingly put together over the past few months. There’s going to be no second chances getting these right so we’ve put together the photography tips that’ll help you get the best out of your photographs for years to come.

Your Prep

Your first set of images on the day will likely be of your wedding prep and whether you are getting ready at your venue, your house or your parents house cluttered images do not make for good photographs. So make sure you have a little tidy up and that the room is as clear of stuff as possible – removing all of the non essentials.  This way your photographer can really concentrate on you and capturing the emotions during the wedding day build up.

Aim to get ready with plenty of time so that there’s time for your photographer to capture some images of both of your wedding preparations. If you’ll be traveling to the venue from wherever it is that you’ve gotten ready, leave with time to spare so you can compose yourself, soak in the moment and have a few extra images just before you walk down the aisle.


You may have heard of an ‘Unplugged’ ceremonies or weddings before but do you know what they mean? An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to not take photos during the ceremony or other parts of the day. It enables them to really be in the moment for your special moments but also ensures that your photographer is able to get unblocked shots of those key moments for your wedding album too. These usually happen when you are both walking down the aisle and you have guests leaning into the aisle to get their own photographs. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that the shot is blocked and there’s not really another opportunity to capture that particular moment again. It’s never nice but it does happen.

Consider telling your guests that there’ll be opportunities to take their own photos at specific times, such as signing the register or after the I do’s. Some couples even ask their guests to not post any photos online until the day after their wedding – enabling their evening guests to enjoy all the moments of the wedding through fresh eyes too.  Let your guests relax and be present in the day and your photographer produce their best work by considering an Unplugged Wedding.

Couple Shots

Schedule in some shots and capture those romantic moments by getting away just the two of you and enjoy some time together. Whether you schedule this to be just after your ceremony and on the way to the reception venue or whether you do this after your group formal photographs. It enables you to have some alone time as a newly married couple before all of the hustle and bustle of the day, enjoy some private moments and really let your commitment to one another sink in.   It’s always a nice idea to go out together nearer the end of the day too as you’ll get some great photos with the sunset. You’ll likely feel more relaxed and be more used to your photographer too, and the light fading away makes for beautiful images.

Group Shots

If you are having group wedding day shots ensure you plan ahead and give your photographer a list so that nothing gets missed out. Many will ask you for your ‘must have pictures’ before the wedding day so have a think as to which group pictures you want and let your Ushers have a copy ahead of the wedding day too so they are able to help round up bodies. It’s much quicker for you to plan your bigger group shots early so that you can have more time for everything else. Another great tip is to have this part of the day scheduled and share this with everyone. Let them know who’s needed, when and where that way you’ll have more time to enjoy the pictures and also get to your reception much quicker!

Trust Your Photographer

You will have likely spent many hours searching through huge amounts of photographers and their work to find yours and you booked them ultimately because you liked them and love their work. So, trust their judgment! Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in wanting everything to be perfect on the day but trust their creativity, allow them to work in their own zone of genius and trust that the result will be beautiful images.

You’ve seen their portfolio and what they can do and you’ve booked them for a reason. Listen to their instructions and although it may seem a bit unnatural for you to pose a certain way, the result on camera is likely to be beautiful and most probably your favorite image! 

As the echoes of your wedding day gradually fade, the images that you’ve captured will stand as vibrant testimonies to the love and joy you shared. By heeding these expert photography tips – from collaborating closely with your photographer to seeking out authentic moments – you’re not only preserving memories but weaving a visual narrative that will endure the test of time. The beauty of wedding photography lies in its ability to transcend fleeting moments, granting you the gift of revisiting the emotions and magic of your union whenever you desire. With these insights as your guide, your wedding album is bound to be a treasure trove of images you’ll cherish for eternity.

5 Wedding Ceremony Mistakes Wedding Couples Should Avoid

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and the ceremony is one of the most unique and memorable moments throughout the day. Naturally, you want it to be as perfect as possible. To make sure your ceremony goes according to plan, there are a few common wedding ceremony mistakes you should be aware of.

1. Failing to Communicate with Guests. Your wedding ceremony is going to have a start time, so remind your guests what time they need to be seated by. Encouraging guests to find seats ensures nobody is left standing for the entirety of the ceremony. It’s also important to remind guests to turn off their cell phones. The last thing you want is for some crazy ringtone to start playing as you say your vows.

2. Not Communicating with Your Officiant. All too many couples have a first kiss photo with an officiant in the background. Speak to your officiant ahead of time about moving out of the way during the first kiss, giving your photographer a clear shot of you and your partner. Another good reason to keep the lines of communication open with your officiant is to make the ceremony more meaningful. All too often, officiants don’t focus enough on the couple. Your guests want a deeper view of your connection and working with your officiant to shape what’s said during your ceremony can help with this.

3. Forgetting to Get the Rings Ready. Before you head down the aisle, make sure your rings are easily accessible and don’t need to be freed from any unnecessary packaging. This also includes removing any price tags.

4. Failing to Do a Mic Check. If you are planning to use a microphone during your ceremony, make sure it’s checked ahead of time. Technological issues can’t always be avoided but the risk of something going wrong during your ceremony (or before it even starts) can be reduced.

5. Not Looking at Each Other. When you’re wrapped up in what your officiant is saying, you may forget to look at each other. Make a point of looking at your partner as much as possible during the ceremony. Not only does it make the moment more special, but your photographer can get some romantic shots too.

As the final chords of your wedding ceremony reverberate in the air, you’ll want to remember every moment as a harmonious blend of love, joy, and flawless execution. By sidestepping these five common wedding ceremony mistakes – maintaining open communication with your officiant, practicing for perfection, prioritizing comfort, keeping the guest experience in mind, and embracing flexibility – you’re ensuring that your journey into marital bliss begins on the most enchanting note. Your love story deserves nothing less than a ceremony that shines as brightly as your hearts do. Planning your ceremony doesn’t need to be complicated, it just helps to be aware of a few small details to avoid these common wedding ceremony mistakes.

6 Things Your Wedding Officiant Will Want to Know

As you get closer to your wedding day, you’re going to need to find someone to lead the ceremony. You will probably have quite a few questions for your officiant, but they will have a few for you too. Here are six things your wedding official will want to know so you can prepare the information prior to meeting with your wedding officiant.

1. Details of the Day

As you can imagine, your officiant will firstly want to know who you are as a couple, as well as when and where you plan to get married. This will help them determine availability and if they are willing to travel to your wedding venue.

2. The Vision for Your Ceremony

Next, your officiant will want to know more about how you would like to remember your wedding ceremony. Be prepared to describe your ideal ceremony and how you want guests to remember the moment. You can also make a list of what you liked and didn’t like at other wedding ceremonies so that your officiant knows what to avoid.

3. Your Relationship

To make your ceremony as relevant and personal as possible, your officiant will more than likely ask how you met and when you fell in love. You don’t have to provide every small detail – your officiant just wants to understand more about who you are as a couple. You can even provide the details of your engagement as this also offers valuable insights.

4. How You See Your Partner

To help your officiant learn more about who you are as individuals, he or she might ask you to describe your partner. How are they similar and different to you? What traits do you love the most and why are you marrying them?

5. Your Wedding Party and Guests

Since your officiant will also be in the same room as all your guests and your wedding party, they might want to know more about the people in your lives. How did you pick your wedding party and who is on your guest list? Is it more family, friends, or a combination of both?

6. Religion and Traditions

Next, your officiant will want to know more about your religious beliefs and whether you want to include any prayers in your ceremony. If not, they may also ask if there are any particular readings you want to include. This could be anything from poetry to passages from your favorite book. If there are any specific traditions or rituals you want to include in your ceremony, this is a good time to discuss them. Choosing the right officiant for your wedding is important, so don’t rush the decision or feel that you have to go with the first officiant you meet. Choose someone who understands who you are, what you want, and someone you both connect with.

In the intricate tapestry of wedding planning, your chosen officiant stands as the weaver of vows, the conduit of your love story. As you venture into this journey of matrimony, remember that open communication with your wedding officiant is the key to a seamless and heartwarming ceremony. By addressing the six key aspects they’ll want to know – from your unique love story to your cultural preferences – you’re not just creating a script, but crafting a symphony of emotions that will resonate with you, your partner, and your loved ones. As you entrust your officiant with the honor of uniting your lives, sharing these essential details will ensure that your wedding day becomes an unforgettable celebration of your love’s intricate beauty.

Top 10 Reasons Why Maui is a Bucket List Honeymoon Destination

Honeymooning in Maui has long been a bucket list destination. With beautiful beaches, stunning views, and great weather, it’s hard to imagine a prettier or more romantic place around the world than Maui. Whether you’re a casual couple who just wants to unplug or looking for the finer things in life, you should put Maui on your honeymoon bucket list. Here are 10 reasons why I think Maui will give you an amazing honeymoon.

Why Maui?

Hawaii is made up of several different Islands, that all offer multiple “OMG!” experiences.

In this article, I will focus on the island of Maui and 10 reasons why you should put
Maui on your honeymoon short list!

Maui is that enchanting gem among the Hawaiian Islands that will leave you with
everlasting memories. The place epitomizes the dreamy and idyllic ambiance that is
synonymous with Hawaii.

Captivating Adventures

Maui promises a series of captivating adventures. You can view the majestic whales
and engage in unforgettable snorkeling encounters with graceful sea turtles. Witness
the mesmerizing spectacle of a sunset luau, and indulge in a luxurious experience
within a romantic cabana on the pristine white sand beaches.

Easy Island Hopping Day Trips From Maui

For those seeking even more exploration, Maui is the perfect location for you to take an
Island Hop for the day, to one of the other Hawaiian Islands. You can take invigorating
cruises or quick, convenient flights to neighboring islands. Here is a BRIEF description
overview to get you excited.


Kauai, located west of Maui, is easily accessible by flight. This beautiful island is
renowned for its natural wonders, including the awe-inspiring Waimea Canyon,
featuring breathtaking elevations of 3,600 feet and cascading majestic waterfalls.

For an unforgettable whale-watching experience, visitors can head to the Kilauea
Lighthouse, perched on a seaside cliff. The island also offers the perfect setting to
witness picturesque sunsets at Poipu Beach Park and enjoy adventurous kayaking amid
the stunning Wailua Falls.


Lanai, an island located southwest of Maui accessible by ferry, offers a remarkable
escape for off-the-beaten-path adventurers. Here, you can embark on exhilarating hikes along red dirt roads, experience the serenity of horseback riding in picturesque
fields, and have the unique opportunity to meet the charming residents of the cat

Lanai promises an extraordinary and intimate experience, away from the typical tourist


Molokai, a captivating island, boasts the breathtaking beauty of Halawa Valley, where
lush foliage and cascading waterfalls create a mesmerizing landscape. The turquoise
waters and unspoiled beaches of Papohaku Beach add to its charm. To truly experience
Molokai, go beyond the typical tourist spots and connect with the local community.

Engage with the island’s people by volunteering on local farms and seeking information about hidden gems like the canoe club and unique excursions not commonly found in guidebooks.

Molokai is accessible from Maui via a 90-minute ferry ride or a 25-minute flight.


Nestled in the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean, Molokini emerges as a tiny yet
extraordinary crescent-shaped island. This captivating landmass is a partially
submerged volcanic crater, adding a touch of mystique to its allure. Renowned for its
natural beauty and crystal-clear waters, Molokini has become a highly sought-after
destination for snorkelers and those seeking extraordinary day cruises.

Molokini’s unique geological features and position as a marine biodiversity sanctuary
make it an unparalleled destination for nature lovers.

Molokini is a quick 30-minute ferry ride from Maui.

Pearl Harbor

Is Pearl Harbor on your list of things to do? You can easily take a day trip to Oahu to
see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial.

Many Luxurious & Pampering Resort Options

Maui also boasts exclusive resort options, making it an ideal paradise for
honeymooners. In Maui you will have your pick of amazing resorts that will give you
service, pampering, and romance! From the romantic views of the Four Seasons Hotel
Maui at Wailea, to the Art Deco elegance of the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, there is a
resort for every couple.

Window Shopping & Historic Strolls in West Maui

The primary entry point for most visitors to Maui is West Maui. This region has unique
locations like Kapalua, Honolua Bay, Kaanapali, and the historically rich town of
Lahaina. Once a quaint fishing village, Lahaina now boasts charming historic streets,
distinct art galleries, and charming boutiques, adding to the allure of this beautiful

Whale Watching

The optimal time to spot whales in Maui is from December to May. You can witness
these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Numerous guided tours are
available, ensuring a memorable and immersive experience as you embark on a journey to confront these awe-inspiring marine beings.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Kapalua Beach provides a snorkeling experience in calmer and more protected waters,
ensuring a safer environment for underwater exploration. Honolua Bay, located a few
miles east, offers a rocky terrain for those seeking a different snorkeling adventure.

Kaanapali Beach features Black Rock, a popular spot where the ocean reaches depths
of up to 25 feet, inviting diving and snorkeling enthusiasts to immerse themselves.

Hiking Trails To Haleakala Volcano

Three-fourths of Maui is made of the Haleakala volcano, which has its own national
park. Its crater has several hiking trails, from 10-minute jaunts to more difficult treks for
day trippers and campers.

A Tour Of The West Maui Mountains

Honeymooners can enjoy a captivating journey through the majestic Mauna Kahalawai,
also known as the West Maui Mountains. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Iao Valley State Park, where the tropical lushness welcomes you at every turn.
Witness the awe-inspiring power of nature at the Nakalele Blowhole, a natural wonder that leaves visitors spellbound.

Stroll along the charming bridges nestled within the luxuriant embrace of the Waihe’e
Valley rainforest. You will be captivated by the abundant wonders that await you on
this extraordinary adventure.

Don’t Miss a Luau

A Maui honeymoon is truly incomplete without the magical experience of a sunset
luau. Delight your taste buds with a sumptuous spread of traditional Hawaiian cuisine,
featuring various delectable dishes celebrating the island’s rich culinary heritage. Be
mesmerized by the graceful artistry of hula dancers as they weave enchanting tales
through their captivating movements, transporting you to a world of ancient legends
and traditions.

And as the evening unfolds, the mesmerizing spectacle of fire dancers and their skillful
performances will entice you. The unforgettable and romantic ambiance is just what
honeymooners need.

The Best Times of Year to Go on a Maui Honeymoon

Maui offers a delightful experience for visitors throughout the year, with certain
months standing out for specific activities. For a perfect island getaway, plan your visit
between April, May, and September through November, when the weather is pleasant,
and the crowd is also less. If you’re a surfing enthusiast, December is the ultimate time
to catch the waves.

Famous for its upscale ambiance and unspoiled beauty, Maui radiates an air of sophistication and pristine elegance. It is a haven where celebrities frequently grace the shores, often calling this paradise their home. With its idyllic beaches, opulent resorts, and oceanfront dining establishments, Maui offers a haven of luxury living. The island’s landscape is a symphony of cascading waterfalls, beautiful rainforests, and awe-inspiring vistas – it provides the picture-perfect setting for an unforgettable honeymoon.

When it comes to honeymoons, there’s no question that going to this island paradise provides a memorable experience that will live in your memories for years to come. If you take time to plan your Maui honeymoon right, you will have fun and enjoy yourselves, relax, and spend quality time together on one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations ever conceived.

Whether it’s for your honeymoon or for a special anniversary, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Maui. From resort suggestions to some off-the-beaten path activities to try, I’ve included some fun ideas for you and your new spouse to enjoy during your trip. Just remember that no matter how tempting it may be to play it safe on your resort, nothing can replace real experience – so get out there and explore!

If you are in the middle of trying to figure out your honeymoon, or just feel like you need a helping hand. Hit the easy button, and schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me today. I will do my best to help you make your bucket list honeymoon a reality.

5 Tips to Stop Guests from Posting Your Wedding Photos Online

Your guests are like your personal paparazzi on your wedding day. But, what should you do if you don’t want your special and intimate moments to find their way onto social media? Unfortunately, even though you can’t fully control the situation, there are steps you can take to make your wishes known and limit social media uploads. Here are 5 tips to help stop guests from posting your wedding photos online:

1. Mention It on Your Invite. If you will be creating a wedding website, mention your wishes there. Get specific though. Are you fine with guests snapping photos at the reception but not the ceremony? Would you prefer guests to wait until you and your partner have posted photos before they do? Tell them exactly what you do and don’t want – it is your day after all. Keep in mind that if you’re going to use a wedding hashtag, it might be confusing to also ask guests not to post photos.

2. Include a Note on the Program. If you’re sending out printed invites, you may have to mention your no-photo rule on your programs. You could even include a small printed note with your invites, if you have the extra budget.

3. Announce It. Since you will have everyone’s attention at the start of the ceremony, get your officiant or master of ceremonies to announce your requests about photos and social media.

4. Create a Sign. Another option is to create a sign that you can place at the entrance of your ceremony. This ensures that all guests see it.

5. Alter Your Privacy Settings on Social Media. If you don’t want to take any chances, you can always change your social media privacy settings. This way, you can’t be tagged in any photos that you haven’t approved. 

Don’t feel guilty for asking your guests not to post your wedding photos on social media. By approaching it in a fair and even humorous way, it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Which of these tips to stop guests from posting your wedding photos did you find most helpful?

7 Father-Daughter Wedding Photos Brides Shouldn’t Miss Out On

There is nothing quite as heart-warming as the connection between a father and a daughter, especially on her wedding day. There are so many moments throughout your wedding day that involve your dad, but there are a handful of father-daughter wedding photos that should definitely be on your short list.

1. The first look. Capturing your father’s reaction to seeing you in your dress for the first time is a must. If there is one father daughter photo to add to your list, it’s this one.

2. The post-look portrait. After your photographer captures your father’s natural reaction to your dress, pose for a portrait with him. This can be a really moving and emotional portrait that you can treasure forever.

3. The hand kiss. You will always be your dad’s little princess, so grab a shot of your father holding and kissing your hand before he gives you away.

4. The embrace. Another option is to capture a warm embrace with your dad. This is another shot that you can treasure for years to come.

5. The tie. To involve your dad in more photos during the getting-ready process, grab a few shots of you tying his tie or bowtie for him.

6. The walk down the aisle. This must-have shot is always beautiful. Not only does it capture this moment with your father but the emotions you feel as he guides you down the aisle towards your partner. You should also definitely get a shot of your dad lifting your veil, if you decide to have one.

7. The dance. Lastly, if you’re planning to dance with your dad, make sure your photographer knows to capture this moment.

If your dad is one of the most important people in your life, speak to your photographer about other photo ideas for your big day.

Unlocking Unforgettable Journeys: 4 Reasons Why Using a Travel Advisor Is a Smart Choice

In an era of seemingly endless information and DIY travel planning, the invaluable role of a travel advisor shines brighter than ever. These experts in the realm of exploration offer a wealth of benefits that transcend mere convenience. From crafting tailored itineraries to accessing exclusive deals, navigating complex logistics, and providing insider insights, the reasons to collaborate with a travel advisor are both compelling and diverse. In this fast-paced world, where time is precious and experiences are treasured, the guidance of a skilled travel advisor transforms mere trips into unforgettable journeys.

Some people still sadly associate using a travel advisor with paying more money, when in actual fact – it’s quite the opposite. From getting you the best seats on the plane to working behind the scenes to ensure your vacation goes off without a hitch – after using a great travel advisor once, I personally guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Save Time

Ask yourself, how much is your time worth? Expedia’s research indicates the average American spends 22.95 hours booking a trip in the 6 weeks before departure. That’s one hour a night for nearly three weeks or nearly three entire workdays. Is this time you can afford to lose? 

Save Money

Travel advisors often have access to wholesale rates and exclusive deals that the general public does not. As such, they can pass these savings on to you – their client. Most advisors make their money through commissions paid by hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, etc – not through adding on extra charges for their clients. Travel advisors who do charge fees are charging for the trip planning process – remember those 22.95 hours I referenced in the paragraph above? They’re working, researching, and customizing the perfect journey for you, and some charge fees for this type of work. 

Planning travel has never been more complicated than in 2021 and beyond. From quarantine restrictions to PCR testing, an expert agent will save you countless hours in research and logistics alone – that’s worth its weight in gold. 

Avoid Hassles

Booking with a third-party site may feel like the obvious choice, but websites like Expedia can’t connect the dots. Sure, you could book a few nights at a hotel, but can you arrange the car service, the late-night check-in, the adjoining rooms next door to each other? Travel advisors take the hassle out of the trip planning process and can make it fun again. 

By now we’ve probably all heard horror stories of trips booked immediately before Covid, and cancellations or refunds that went awry. When you book with a travel advisor and (for whatever reason) you’re unable to go on your trip – you don’t have to lift a finger. It won’t be you waiting on hold with the airline, or trying to argue about a credit vs a refund. Your travel advisor has your back and is looking out for your best interests every step of the way, and that includes when things go sideways.

Check into your hotel and your room is not to your liking? Your travel advisor often has special relationships with hotels, and they can (hopefully) rectify the situation seamlessly, without you having to get on the phone and ask for the manager. 

Enjoy Upgrades & Connections

Everyone loves a good upgrade. From complimentary breakfast to room upgrades, most travel advisors can score their client’s great perks when they book with them. In addition, travel advisors are well connected. A travel advisor’s job is to be the expert, and this means traveling to countless destinations, and building relationships with hoteliers, tour operators, even restauranteurs. Don’t discount their ability to score you that hard-to-book seat at a new restaurant, or surprise you with an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience while on a tour.

Want to learn more about what I do for my clients as a professional travel advisor? Schedule a complimentary consultation with me today!

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want the best of both worlds, having both romantic luxuries as well as experiencing authentic culture. Puerto Vallarta has it all, from amazing restaurants to super-hot nightlife to relaxing beachfront walks. Puerto Vallarta is also full of history, beautiful landscapes, great cuisine, and luxury resort choices.

The Gem of Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Puerto Vallarta, situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast, is a popular destination for
honeymooners. Couples are enchanted by its stunning beaches, abundant water sports
opportunities, and lively atmosphere.

There is something unique about the city center. It exudes a charming small-town
ambiance. The cobblestone streets, the magnificent cathedral, the boutique shops that
pull you in with their magnetic charm, and the diverse array of restaurants, clubs, and
bars are factors that you are unlikely to find in any other popular honeymoon

Puerto Vallarta has a well-established tourist infrastructure, with numerous upscale
resorts, beachfront hotels, and high-end dining options. The picturesque setting includes a well-designed and modern oceanfront. The majestic Sierra Madre
Mountains to the city’s east are popular attractions.

While the natural scenery is incredible, Puerto Vallarta also offers a wealth of other
attractions. You will have a wonderful time exploring its streets, savoring delectable
local cuisine, browsing through unique boutiques, and reveling in the vibrant nightlife
at its famous nightclubs. Notably, the city has some of the friendliest people on Earth.

The place is a honeymoon paradise for the various things you can do together. Let’s
explore some of them:

Exploring The Malecón Boardwalk

The best way to begin your romantic getaway in Puerto Vallarta is to visit the Malecón
boardwalk, a popular attraction in the city. There are few honeymooning experiences to
match strolling the entire boardwalk in the backdrop of the setting sun. The view is
incredibly picturesque. This is peak business time for vendors and performers.

You can get a range of local desserts and a host of Mexican handmade crafts such as
jewelry, paintings, dolls, and other classics.

Don’t forget to get your caricature done by the artists offering their skills near the
Puerto Vallarta board in Malecon. Expert caricature artists can draw your picture in 10
minutes, but it could be the best memento of your honeymoon trip.

Cerro de la Cruz – Here We Come!

Embarking on a hike to Cerro de la Cruz guarantees a genuinely enchanting experience
in Puerto Vallarta. It’s perfect for those who love a little bit of outdoor physical activity.
Situated high above the city in the hills, this trek entails climbing numerous steps.

The ascent is not overly strenuous, but avoid hiking during the scorching midday hours,
particularly in July and August. Reaching the apex of Cerro de la Cruz feels like
stepping into a cherished trance. The serenity and tranquility will leave you stunned.
The awe-inspiring panorama of the entire city and the sapphire ocean beyond is
beyond comparison.

Early Morning Sunrise – The Puerto Vallarta One Is Different!

Puerto Vallarta offers breathtaking beauty in its ocean, buildings, flowers, and people.
However, the awe-inspiring experience of watching the sunrise with your partner is of
a different level. Watching the sunrise may not seem exciting and unique, but Puerto
Vallarta makes it one. You must witness it firsthand to understand why this one makes
it to the must-do list.

Whale Watching – Don’t Miss This One

Whale watching can be easily among the unforgettable memories you gather while on
a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. Witness the mesmerizing beauty of humpback whales
in Banderas Bay while savoring the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

Choose a good tour guide who can take you to picturesque sea-level locations,
providing an up-close encounter with humpback whales in their natural habitat. Get
some fantastic clicks from unique vantage points, offering a perspective rarely
attainable in the natural world.

The whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta commences in December and extends
until March. Occasionally, whales can be spotted as early as November or as late as
May. The best time to observe humpback whales is during January and February.

A Day Trip to Tequila – Do It If You Love Mezcal

The journey from Puerto Vallarta to Tequila in Jalisco is around three hours by car. It
may be a bit of a distance for honeymoon couples to drive on their own. But taking a
tequila tour, with the added bonus of a scenic drive through the breathtaking
countryside, is an experience you must not miss for anything.

Tequila and mezcal enthusiasts can check for reliable operators that offer day trips and
the opportunity to visit a couple of tequila factories. You can explore the charming
town alongside. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also find some excellent
local restaurants serving the best delicacies. Explore that too!

Best Times To Go Honeymooning In Puerto Vallarta

If you’re planning a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, it’s important to consider the best
times of year to visit. Here are some factors to consider:


The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is during the dry season, which runs from
November to April. Expect sunny skies and warm temperatures. May to October is the
rainy season, so be prepared for afternoon showers and higher humidity.


The high season in Puerto Vallarta is from December to March when tourists generally
flock to the area to escape the winter weather in their home countries. Do you prefer a
quieter and less crowded atmosphere? Consider traveling during the shoulder seasons
of April to June or September to November.


Prices for accommodations and activities tend to be higher during the high season. If
you’re on a tight budget or want to save money, consider traveling during the low
season of July to August. Else, book your trip well in advance to benefit from early bird

Ultimately, the best time for your Puerto Vallarta honeymoon will depend on your
preferences and priorities.

As you can see, there are endless things to enjoy on a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. Throughout the years, Puerto Vallarta was given nicknames such as “The Pearl of the Pacific”, “The Romantic City”, and “The Playground of Mexico.” From walking around and exploring the charming town to indulging in delicious cuisine at local restaurants and stands, you can definitely create lifelong memories. Puerto Vallarta’s natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality make it a perfect destination for any couple celebrating their honeymoon.

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What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer?

If you are planning a wedding chances are you are speaking to and negotiating with lots of different suppliers. So, what is the actual difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer? If you want to enlist some help when you start planning your wedding would you benefit from having both or are they actually interchangeable? It’s likely that the tasks they perform will have an element of overlap, but it’s also the case that they each have a very different focus and the initial brief that you give them will be based on this. Let’s take a closer look at each, so that you can decide where the best place would be for you to invest your money to help you make your day a memorable occasion for all of the right reasons.

What does a wedding planner do?

In this case it’s all in the name, a wedding planner is going to be there right from the start with you, helping to plan each aspect of your wedding. A priority within their role is to take the pressure off of the two of you, to help reduce your stress and anxiety levels, suggest themes, make trusted recommendations and negotiate budgets and pricing too. Wedding planning will stick with you right through the process and be present on your wedding day too. They will be helping to ensure that everyone is where they need to be and at the right times so that the day goes as smoothly as possible.

Most wedding planners will be able to help with the following areas:

  • Reviewing your budget, breaking it down, allocating chunks of your budget to different areas of your wedding, and reception, based on your priorities.
  • Creating checklists so that everyone knows what needs to be done and by when.
  • Liaising with suppliers and venues.
  • Support with travel plans and accommodation booking for you or your guests.
  • Set up and removal of different elements on the big day.

And of course – management of everything on the day from ensuring everyone in the wedding party knows what they need to do and where they need to be, through to guest management, supplier liaison and any troubleshooting and problem solving too.

A wedding planner will often put in hundreds of hours of their time into your wedding day, they will know you as a couple inside and out and be on hand to support you each step of the way, resolving as many issues and problems as they can for you. Although you will come to your own agreement with your wedding planner over what they are responsible for and when you can contact them you should think of them as your right-hand man/woman who is there to support you in every way possible.

What does a wedding designer do?

In a nutshell a wedding designer is there to help you with the aesthetics of your wedding – bringing your wedding to life through color, props, and layout. They are going to help you to wow your guests with how your wedding and reception is laid out and the items that you choose to utilize on this day. This could be helping you to finalize a color palette, designing centerpieces for your tables, or sourcing that one ‘wow’ element that you have visualized but need help to bring to life. A wedding designer’s role has very little to do with the overall planning of the wedding. The role of a designer is purely aesthetic – a wedding designer creates a cohesive feel and your desired atmosphere. They’ll offer guidance on fabrics, textures, color palettes, props, furniture, and all décor elements.

Most wedding designers will be able to help with the following areas:

  • Finalizing your color palette.
  • Recommending trusted suppliers.
  • Designing table layouts and centerpieces.
  • They may be able to provide linens, chair covers and embellishments.
  • Sourcing of props and oversight of installation and take down.
  • Making sure the aesthetic vision you had for your wedding comes to life.

A wedding designer can help to remove the stress of all those final preparations and the on day set up of your wedding. They may also be able to save you a considerable amount of money by being able to recommend reliable, trustworthy suppliers, and when it comes to any props, chair covers and embellishments they may have a variety that you can rent which will be perfect for your day and save you the expense of purchasing.

Should you hire a Wedding Designer?

  • If the décor and atmosphere of your wedding is important to you…
  • If you would like someone creative involved who is able to take a blank canvas and turn it into the space you imagined…
  • If you want someone to be wholly responsible for decorating the event space for your wedding…
  • If you’re looking for ornate or difficult to source props or equipment…
  • If you have a specific, detailed theme in mind and need help developing and executing it…

…then hiring a wedding designer may just be for you. Typically, due to the nature of their work, wedding designers tend to book up quite early on so we would recommend sourcing your wedding designer as far as 12 months before your wedding day. This will also give your chosen supplier time to source any obscure or unique items for the day.

In Summary…

While there is an area of overlap between a wedding planner and a wedding designer, they do have very different roles to play when it comes to the planning and execution of your wedding.

Deciding on the level of help you want to invest in will depend on a number of things including how much of the planning you want to do yourself, how much time you have to invest in planning your wedding, how creative you are and of course the budget that you are working with.

You could opt to work with just one, both or neither – the choice is all yours. But, I hope you now feel armed with the information that can help you to make an informed decision about your special day.

Everything You Need to Know About Tipping at All Inclusive Resorts

Tipping in the US is pretty straightforward. We tip hairstylists, customer service,
Uber & Lyft drivers, and bellhops. But what about on your honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in another country? In fact, it’s one of the top questions that comes up again and again, when I’m planning either a honeymoon or any other trip to an all-inclusive resort. Some people advise tipping and others say to forget it. So which is it? Are you supposed to tip or not? And if so, how much do you tip? To help you figure all of this out, here are some of the best practices when it comes to tipping at all inclusive resorts and how much you should give.

Do You Have to Tip?

Before we dive into the specifics, allow me to answer one of the most frequently asked
questions: Do I have to tip at an all-inclusive resort, or are the gratuities included at an
all-inclusive resort?

The rate at an all-inclusive resort includes gratuities. So, the resort will divvy up a certain portion of your per-night rate amongst the team members. While resorts don’t tell you how much, many of the team members are there for 12 hours or more per day every day. It is a pretty grueling schedule where they could potentially work nine days in a row and then have two days off. What the resort gives them isn’t equivalent to the amount of work they put in.

With that said, I highly encourage tipping where you feel led. The resort you travel to and the level of service you have paid for (concierge or butler for example) will affect what you should prepare for regarding gratuities. Determining gratuity expectations is something I assist my clients with as they prepare to travel.

Let’s get down to some specifics regarding tipping for your all-inclusive honeymoon vacation.

The airport porter

An airport porter is someone who will assist you with your luggage once you are in
destination. While this could be a bit annoying, a porter at the airport may swoop in and can sometimes aggressively start helping you with your luggage.

You can certainly decline their assistance, but if you decide to let them help, please give them a tip. $3-$5 is reasonable depending on how much luggage you have.

Porters are generally independent and are not employed by the airport, so they work for tips.

My theory is to support those who are willing to show up and do something to make a living for their families.

Airport shuttle driver

The driver that takes you to and from your all-inclusive resort is not employed by the resort. Please be prepared to tip this person for the ride each way.

Something that most people don’t factor in is the time involved. Please consider the distance that the driver has to go to get you to your resort and then turn around and head back to the airport for their next assignment.

For short distances $5 is sufficient, for longer drives (1.5 hours or more), consider giving at least $20. If it takes them 1.5 hours to get you to your resort, that is a 3 hour roundtrip investment of their time.

The Bellhop

Hooray! Welcome to the resort.

As you step out of the transportation vehicle, the first resort team member who will assist you is the bellhop. He or she will check your luggage and give you luggage tags while you head to the lobby to check into the resort.

Once you are checked in, your bellhop will escort you to your room and will likely share some details about the resort and where things are located, as well as share a few features with you regarding your room.

Depending on the time invested with you, a $5-$10 tip is recommended.

Concierge or Butler Service

If you’ve opted in for a higher level of service at your all-inclusive resort, come prepared to tip. If your concierge sets up your dinner reservations or helps you with an issue your room is having, don’t feel compelled to dish out cash.

However, if the concierge sets up a special dinner with some surprise touches or goes out of their way to get you something to make your stay special, be sure to tip according to their time invested.

Butler service is a bit more hands on generally, but some resorts will have butlers that are really more like concierge.

In the case that you have a hands-on butler that is available to you via a cellphone and he or she is in charge of everything your suite needs (managing and communicating with other staff members), setting up your dinner/spa/golf/ reservations, serving you any meal in-suite, saving you chairs at the pool or beach, then this personal level of service should be a per day tip.

I suggest a minimum of $20 per day depending on how much you utilize your butler. Again, keep in mind any situations where the butler has gone above and beyond to make your stay and experience special.

So overall, anticipate having $10 for small one-off experiences from a concierge, and a
minimum $150 for a week of butler service.


Imagine you are sitting at the beach enjoying a book or good conversation, and a beach waiter asks what you’d like to drink.

You order your beverage of choice, receive it in a few minutes, and quickly realize you have $0 on you.

This is pretty typical as most of us head to the beach or pool with only the essentials,
especially since we often leave our beach bags unattended from time to time.

First, don’t feel compelled to have cash on you when you are enjoying the resort. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, it is okay. Like I said at the beginning, the gratuities are technically included in your all-inclusive rate.

If possible, always have a few dollars on you for tips like this. A bartender, pool, or beach waiter will keep the drinks coming for $10 but will also happily accept $1 or $2 per drink.

At a restaurant where you are served buffet style, again, don’t stress if you don’t have cash. Since they likely assisted with beverages, you can leave $2-$3 if you want.

If you are being served at an a la carte restaurant, consider tipping more. Again, base this on the level of service and the quality of the dining experience. If it was a several-course meal and white-glove service, dish out a bit more. Maybe $20 in this situation. If it is a burger joint, maybe leave $5.


As we wrap this up, we can’t forget about housekeeping. Simply said, these resort team
members work diligently every day and generally are paid the least.

It’s so nice to come back to a freshly cleaned room, isn’t it?

I suggest leaving $5-$10 per day for your housekeeper at an all-inclusive resort.

Quick caveat

If you are planning an all-inclusive honeymoon to Sandals Resorts, gratuities are not accepted, except for butler service. So, a Sandals honeymoon will not have the same gratuity guidelines at the resort as I’ve mentioned above, but you can still tip the porter and shuttle driver as they are not Sandals employees.

I know the topic of tipping at all-inclusive resorts can be a little tricky, but I hope this information was able to help get rid of some of that uncertainty for you. The bottom line is that tipping should be part of your overall budget at an all-inclusive resort. It should be done based on the service you’ve received. You will most likely receive excellent service regardless, so there is no need to tip excessively. However, if you feel the service has been above and beyond exceptional, that’s when it’s time to show your gratitude by tipping a little more than normal.

If you’re tired of googling every question you have regarding your honeymoon planning, I’d be delighted to chat with you. Here is a link to schedule a complimentary consultation.