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Top 12 Advent Calendars for 2020: Disney, Harry Potter, LEGO and more

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission from purchases made through these links. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Are you ready to start thinking about the holiday season? A fun tradition in my house is advent calendars. Each of my kids love receiving an advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas! We have found a variety of advent calendars that we wanted to share with you so you can find the perfect one for your interests! So, without further ado, here are our 12 favorite advent calendars for 2020:

For the Harry Potter Funko fan… Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar

For the Disney fan… Disney Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

For the Harry Potter LEGO fan… LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

For the Friends fan… Friends: The Official Advent Calendar

For the LEGO City fan… LEGO City Advent Calendar

For the LEGO Star Wars fan… LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

For the L.O.L. Surprise fan… L.O.L. Surprise Bling-A-Tree Advent Calendar

For the Hot Wheels fan… Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

For the Nightmare Before Christmas fan… Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Advent Calendar

For the Super Mario fan… SUPER MARIO Advent Calendar

For the LEGO friends fan… LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

For the Thomas and Friends fan… Thomas and Friends Advent Calendar

Looking for other holiday gift ideas? Don’t miss these 25 Disney LEGO sets under $25!

Top 12 Advent Calendars for 2020

25 Disney Lego Sets Under $25

Disney Lego Sets

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small commission. Thank you for supporting our small business!

With the kids home from school, we are always looking for fun activities to keep them busy and learning. Whether you need a gift for someone or are just looking for a new activity for your kids, these Disney lego sets are perfect! Check out these 25 Disney LEGO sets that are all under $25 (and can be shipped right to your home)!

Disney Princesses

Belle’s Storybook Adventures

Disney Lego Sets

Beauty and the Beast fans will love Belle’s Storybook Adventures set. This set includes an opening book with Beast’s castle in the center, the outside of the castle on one side and the inside on the other, plus 2 sticker sheets to personalize the book.

Moana’s Ocean Adventure

Disney Lego Sets

Moana’s Ocean Adventures set lets kids replay their favorite movie moments from “Moana” and imagine their own adventures with Moana, her friend Pua the Pig, and sailboat!

Mulan’s Storybook Adventures

Disney Lego Sets

Open Mulan’s Storybook Adventures set for a customizable, opening book with 2 scenes: winter training grounds with spinning training dummy and a garden setting with unfolding plum tree, plus 2 sticker sheets to decorate the book with.

Aurora’s Royal Carriage

Disney Lego Sets

Adventure awaits for fans of Disney Princess Aurora and her owl friend in Aurora’s Royal Carriage set. This adorable playset features a pink and white carriage with translucent top, small table and a cake with a candle.

Ariel’s Storybook Adventures

Disney Lego Sets

Open Ariel’s Storybook Adventures to play out life underwater and on the beach. This set features a customizable, opening book with 2 worlds, Ariel’s underwater palace, with an opening clamshell, slide and different trinkets, and a beach above water with a 2-figure boat, plus 2 sticker sheets to decorate the book with. 

Cinderella’s Castle Celebration

Disney Lego Sets

Cinderella’s Castle Celebration set lets kids replay their favorite movie moments from “Cinderella” and imagine their own adventures in her castle with her animal friends.

Mulan’s Training Day

Disney Lego Sets

Mulan’s Training Day is easy to build and perfect for recreating favorite moments “Mulan.” Train hard at her family temple using the turning training dummy, sword and catapult with boulders, before taking a break with her foal, Khan. 

Belle’s Story Time

Disney Lego Sets

Plan a tea party and enjoy story time with Belle and her friends in Belle’s Story Time set! The set features a princess castle with Starter Brick element, balcony with a magic rose under glass, turrets and a spinning turntable. There’s also a park base with spinning picnic table, buildable water fountain and a trolley, plus a storybook element for Belle to read from.

Rapunzel’s Petite Tower

Disney Lego Sets

Rapunzel’s Petite Tower features a window for Rapunzel to look out of, plus a hairbrush and a frying pan. Open up the Rapunzel’s tower toy building set to store all the pieces safely inside.

Jasmine’s Petite Tower

Disney Lego Sets

Jasmine’s Petite Tower includes a Disney Princess Jasmine mini-doll figure, balcony, drinks glass and a perfume bottle. You can even open up the tower to store all the pieces safely inside this handy Princess Jasmine play set.

Frozen II

Anna’s Canoe Expedition

Disney Lego Sets

Anna’s Canoe Expedition set lets kids build Anna’s ice canoe as they head off on Olaf and Anna’s Canoe Expedition, complete with ice slide, seesaw, movable foliage and rocks with a sleeping earth giant image.

Elsa’s Wagon Carriage Adventure

Disney Lego Sets

Elsa’s Wagon Carriage Adventure includes Elsa’s wagon that can seat 2 mini-doll figures, harness to attach it to Sven, stable with water trough and campfire, hay feeder and a Frozen picnic area.

Olaf Snowman Toy Building Kit

Disney Lego Sets

This buildable Olaf is loads of fun to build and play with. His arms and neck are articulated so you can position and move him however you like, and he comes with Frozen accessories to add to the fun.

Elsa and Olaf’s Tea Party

Disney Lego Sets

Elsa and Olaf’s Tea Party will inspire imaginative adventures and playful learning. Disney’s Elsa and her adorable snowman friend, Olaf, are playing in the snow and building an icehouse! With a teapot, hot chocolate and cakes on the table, the scene is set for a super-cool tea party!

Elsa’s Market Adventure

Disney Lego Sets

Join Elsa and Olaf on Elsa’s Market Adventure. There’s a cart selling fruit and vegetables, a flower stall under the beautiful clock tower, and a dock with a rowing boat for picnics on the water. Turn the clock face brick to set summer or Frozen wintertime scenes.

Toy Story

Toy Story 4 Carnival Thrill Coaster

Disney Lego Sets

The Carnival Thrill Coaster play set features a colorful carnival roller coaster with 3 cars, 6 sturdy track sections and a large entrance arch with spinning turnstile, plus a special Starter Brick baseplate. This fun preschool toy building set also comes with a cute ice cream wagon with balloon and pizza pie.

Toy Story 4 Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show

Disney Lego Sets

Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show set features an adjustable ring of fire with an attached ramp and 2 special Starter Brick plates. This fun set also includes a buildable toy motorcycle, 3 stackable cans, 2 cars and a stunt sign that can be knocked down.

Toy Story 4 Woody & RC

Disney Lego Sets

The Woody & RC set lets kids build a speedy RC car on a special Starter Brick base.

Toy Story 4 Buzz & Bo Peep’s Playground Adventure

Disney Lego Sets

Your kids can build a fun playground set with Buzz & Bo Peep’s Playground Adventure, featuring a 2-level playhouse with kitchen area, slide, bridge, climbing wall, bubble window stand and a special Starter Brick baseplate.

Toy Story Train

Disney Lego Sets

Little ones will love this easy-to-build Toy Story Train set from LEGO DUPLO and Toy Story! Disney Pixar characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody will have endless adventures as they work together to protect the bank vault from the evil Dr. Porkchop, who is featured on a ‘Wanted’ poster.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

My First Mickey Build

Disney Lego Sets

Little ones will love to build and rebuild Mickey Mouse with My First Mickey Build! This 3-D puzzle is easy to build from chunky DUPLO bricks.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Parade

Disney Lego Sets

All aboard the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday train as Mickey and Minnie throw a parade in your honor! Load up the train with everything you need for the perfect birthday party—a buildable cake, balloons and decorated gift bricks. With decorated age bricks numbered from 1 to 5, Mickey and Minnie can bring birthday fun year after year.

Minnie’s Birthday Party

Disney Lego Sets

Celebrate Minnie Mouse in style with Minnie’s Birthday Party! Kids can drive Minnie in her cute pink car to her party house, where Figaro the cat is waiting to get the party started.

Whisker Haven Tales

Berry’s Kitchen

Disney Lego Sets

Berry’s Kitchen is the perfect venue for a woodland tea party. Berry’s Kitchen includes a buildable breakfast bar and stools, display table, cake stand and a special tree gate. Berry is Snow White’s pet bunny.

Petite’s Royal Stable

Disney Lego Sets

Help Petite, Belle’s pony, win the show jumping trophy and then get her ready to go out to a tea party! The set includes a relaxation area, beauty tower, reading tower, podium, show jump, and more.

Please note that prices are subject to change. We may also make a small commission for purchases made through these product links. Thanks for supporting our small business!

Bonus: If you’re looking for a real challenge, try the 4,080 piece Cinderella Castle (sorry, this one’s over $25)!

Need more ideas to keep your family busy this spring or add a little more Disney to your home? We have you covered!