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Where’s My Mickey? App Now Available

You can join the beloved Mickey Mouse on a brand new adventure in Disney’s most popular mobile game franchise! The Where’s My Mickey? app will introduce you to a whole new world of life-like physics-based game play through stimulating weather mechanics and humorous animations. You can immerse yourself in the ultimate mobile gaming experience as you watch funny episodes all while solving challenging puzzles!

You will have to tap, swipe, and swirl to help Mickey collect water and complete each story. Don’t forget, every drop counts! The Where’s My Mickey? app includes:

  • Original Episodes – You can enjoy 5 unique episodes with surprising and witty scenarios! Watch how each story unfolds and ends as you play through individual level packs!
  • Brand New Weather Mechanics – You can use wind, clouds and rain to maneuver through more than 100 levels that are filled with fun challenges!
  • A Whole New Look – A classic Mickey art-style with a contemporary touch, which was inspired by Disney Channel’s new series of Mickey Cartoons!
  • Collectibles and Bonus Levels – You can help Pluto look for hidden collectibles to unlock even more bonus puzzles!
  • Featuring Mickey and Friends – You will discover more hilarious episodes and new friends, beginning with Goofy!

Here’s a sneak preview of the first episode in the Where’s My Mickey? app- “When Life Gives You Lemons”:
“On a hot summer day, Mickey decides to open up a lemonade stand. He’s got a bowl, the lemons, and a long line of thirsty customers, yet NO WATER! Help Mickey collect water and “tri-star” each level for ultimate fun! Even the stars are animated!”

The new Where’s My Mickey? app is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows phones, Windows tablets and PCs, Android Amazon, and Kindle.

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New Disney Magic Mirror App Now Available

You can join your favorite Disney princesses for fun and games with the new Disney Magic Mirror app! With the new Disney Magic Mirror app, you can watch as your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch becomes a Magical Mirror into the enchanting worlds of your favorite Disney Princesses! With this new app, you can join Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Ariel in an interactive experience that features delightful animation, charming music, and whimsical special effects!

If your little princess has a Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle, it will become the backdrop for a magical interactive experience featuring Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel, and your little princess! Simply align your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to special spots around the castle to reveal princess activities, full castle events, visits from special friends, and so much more! With the Disney Princess Magic Mirror app, you never know what magical surprises are in store!

Don’t have the castle? There are still delightful Disney Princess games for you to explore!

Here some of the magical features you will enjoy with the Disney Magic Mirror app:

  • A Princess Portrait Activity that lets you be the star of the show!
  • Five enchanting Disney Princess activities: paint with Rapunzel, sew with Cinderella, play a song with Sleeping Beauty, bake a pie with Snow White, and pop the ocean bubbles with Ariel!
  • Magical special effects including a fireworks show, floating lanterns, and glowing rainbows!
  • Professional narration, custom music and fun sound effects add to the immersive experience!

You can download the new Disney Magic Mirror app here.

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