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Top 5 Adventures by Disney Itineraries for Chocolate Lovers

Ahh, the sweet taste of chocolate. From milk, to dark, and even 92%, these tasty morsels are always a delight to give – and receive, aren’t they? Adventures by Disney leads guests to exciting destinations around the world, and today we’re highlighting the top 5 Adventures by Disney itineraries for chocolate lovers which include chocolate making and tasting. On these trips, guests will learn about cacao, cocoa, beans, butter and bars.  

Let’s explore the top 5 Adventures by Disney itineraries for chocolate lovers.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica –This Central America paradise is nature at its finest, chocolate included. The beauty of the coastline, mountains, exotic wildlife, rainforest and “Pura Vida” lifestyle sets the stage for an incredible family vacation. And while in the rainforest, guests will see where chocolate is sourced and learn how it transforms from bean to treat. Chocolate making is a fascinating and detailed process. Did you know it’s made from the fruit of cacao trees? The beans from each pod are dried and roasted to create cocoa beans. Check out this Adventure Moment in Costa Rica and the Rainforest Chocolate Tour.

Italy & Switzerland

Italy & Switzerland – An authentic Swiss chocolate adventure is a highlight of this itinerary. Guests will begin their trip in Milan and embark on a breathtaking journey across Northern Italy and Switzerland, a country synonymous with chocolate. Activities include standing in the shadows of the Matterhorn, cruising across Lake Como, visiting the historical Palazzo Borromeo and its scenic baroque gardens, plus a train ride and zip-lining leading up to the chocolate tasting.

England & France

England & France – A tour of the Musée du Chocolat (Chocolate Museum) c’est délicieux! On this trip, not only will guests visit the Royal Crown Jewels, take a speedboat ride along the Thames River, enjoy a tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and walk the grounds of Windsor Castle, but following lunch at the Eiffel Tower they will meet a professional chocolatier and make their own chocolate. 

Rhine River Cruise

Rhine River Cruise – Beautiful European sights, and chocolate await guests on this delightful river cruise to Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Visits to the Rembrandt House Museum, the Van Gogh Museum or a walking tour of Heidelberg and the Heidelberg Castle offer inspiration from some of history’s greatest artists and architects, plus the landscape and architecture is spectacular. But let’s talk chocolate. At the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany guests will not only taste amazing chocolate, but will create their own chocolate bar!

The Rhine River Cruise: Christmas Markets itinerary adds the beauty of the season and the festive spirit of the holidays, and is fun for the entire family. Chocolate included, of course, at the Chocolate Museum.

For even more epicurean adventures, the adult-exclusive Rhine River Cruise: Food & Wine offers culinary delights around every corner, including the Chocolate Museum experience.  

Seine River Cruise

Seine River Cruise – This river cruise through France is stunning and includes sampling some of the region’s finest chocolate and cheese. Entertainment and activities, and optional bike rides, will fill the days, including a walking tour of Rouen where you’ll walk in the footsteps of Vikings and Joan of Arc. 

Which one of these Adventures by Disney itineraries for chocolate lovers would you most like to experience?

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Oh, and one more thing… Are you team milk or dark chocolate? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below. I’ll go first. Team milk chocolate.  

Have a Royal Adventure on the Adventures by Disney England and France Vacation

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Thanks to the royal baby and the royal wedding, everyone has royalty on the mind! For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to snag a proposal from a prince, experiencing the splendor and romance of England’s first family is as easy as taking a trip across the pond on the Adventures by Disney England and France vacation.

The trip starts at Westminster Abbey, the beautiful cathedral that has been the site of countless coronations and royal weddings – including the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. And, what is a monarchy without their Crown Jewels? The crown’s finest royal artifacts will steal the show during a special, private tour of the Tower of London!

Visit Windsor Castle, the Queen’s favorite weekend getaway. Home to British royalty since the 11th century, the castle features grand buildings and stunning grounds. The chapel on castle grounds is where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said “I do.”

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

With Adventures by Disney you’ll also savor afternoon tea at Guildhall, the historic venue of glittering banquets with heads of state, dignitaries and the royal family since the 12th century. Fun fact: Guildhall was the backdrop for the wedding of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

England is just the beginning of this romantic royal adventure. Next you’ll travel to France, home to the historic, glitzy and glamorous Palace of Versailles and Paris, arguably the most romantic city in the world. With Adventures by Disney you’ll feel like kings and queens as you see it all!

These are just a few of the regal activities included in the Adventures by Disney England and France vacation.

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Enjoy the Beauty and Culture of France with Disney Cruise Line

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You can visit some amazing counties summer in Europe with Disney Cruise Line. The Disney Magic returns to Europe in May, starting with a season in the Mediterranean, followed by cruises to northern Europe, Norway and Iceland. Here are some of the highlights of the destinations you can visit in France with Disney Cruise Line.

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

A gorgeous locale in southern France, Marseilles is the second largest city in France and one of the country’s oldest cities. Marseilles is home to many historic landmarks and monuments and is also a vibrant cultural center with a robust collection of theatres, opera houses and museums. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy fresh seafood at the Vieux Port (Old Port).

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Cannes and Villefranche
Disney’s Mediterranean cruises visit Cannes or Villefranche, enchanting seaside towns on the French Riviera. Cannes is revered as one of the most famed cities in all Europe with sweeping marina views, exquisite restaurants and luxury shopping, while Villefranche is beloved for its almost perfectly preserved medieval city. These popular destinations are also gateways to the world-famous Monte Carlo and Nice.

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Situated northeast of Paris in the Normandy region, Cherbourg boasts spectacular sea vistas and a massive sea wall that rims the harbor and the star-shaped fortress that guards it. You can journey to the beaches of Normandy where the famous Normandy invasion took place in WWII or visit the gorgeous Mont Saint-Michel Cathedral on a rocky tidal island off the shore of Cherbourg.

Which countries would you like to visit during a Disney Cruise? Just remember, you can travel the world and only unpack once!

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